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FaZe Clan reach Berlin Major semi-final with tense win over FURIA

A Copa Elite Six grand-final rematch will determine one of the grand finalists tomorrow.

Image: Ubisoft/Kirill B.

FaZe Clan have reached the semi-final of the Berlin Major after taking down FURIA in a tight 2-1 result. This will be their third semi-final in three events attended, as they hope to become the fourth team in R6 history to win multiple titles.

Map 1 - Skyscraper

FaZe Clan were looking very good at the start of Skyscraper, despite starting off on the less-favourable attack.

The game was effectively decided on round four as FaZe won it off of FURIA, breaking the pattern. This round was a rush by FaZe as all five kills went down in the space of 21 seconds and the round was over by the 2:07 mark.

This break meant that by round five, FaZe were up 4-1, a lead they kept until the eventual 7-4 final scoreline.

With 13 kills to five deaths, soulz1 was definitely the standout player, while Stk on FURIA was the only player with more kills than deaths.

Map 2 - Chalet

Map two started off much more positively for FURIA, as they took their first map lead of the playoffs three rounds into Chalet thanks to fragging power of Miracle.

FaZe kept it level, but FURIA knew their way around Chalet despite Cyber once again performing.

By the end of the half, FURIA managed to kill off Cyber first which seemed to be the key passed FaZe as they took a 4-2 advantage. 

As FURIA starting attacking Miracle on Ash continued to perform. A 1v3 clutch by handyy took them to match point, however they couldn't convert.

Two rounds running were taken by FaZe to bring the map to overtime.

In the second round 15 of the playoffs, Bullet1 killed Fntzy on entry, and Cyber killed Stk. FURIA still managed to get the plant down despite the man disadvantage, and then Miracle aced to win the round catching five men off guard.

Map 3 - Kafe 

After earning just three kills in the opening three rounds, FURIA finally stayed shooting back while defending the Kicthen objective. Three kills from R4re got the team started before he added three more the following round.

As FURIA closed in on tying the game up, R4re was killed on round six after just a single kill, leading the round to end with a 1v2 clutch from cameram4n.

While FURIA did manage a fourth round, FaZe's dominance once again reigned. A K-D of 11-6 from Cyber and soulz1 as well as 7-4 from cameram4n were the statistics as FaZe hit match point. 

Finally, despite Bullet1 dying first, FaZe managed a triple kill in approximately 20 seconds before soulz1 ended a 3v1 to win the game.

FaZe Clan will now progress to play w7m tomorrow for a spot in Sunday's grand-final against either Europe's Rogue, or North America's XSET.