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FaZe Clan qualify for Six Invitational 2023 after ensuring minimum third-place finish in Jönköping Major group stage

FaZe Clan have qualified for the Six Invitational 2023.

Image: Ubisoft / Kirill Bashkirov

Following their victory on Kafe against Wolves Esports, FaZe Clan have secured at least a third-place finish in their Jönköping Major group. With an extra 55 SI Points added to their current  tally, FaZe now have a total of 855 points and cannot be overtaken by any more than six teams and are thus qualified for the Six Invitational 2023.

They Brazilians found themselves under pressure after missing out on the Charlotte Major, as the competitive format in LATAM meant that they had no SI Points to their name.

However, they kept their heads up and qualified for the Berlin Major, where they finished in second place -- going from 0 to 525 SI Points.

Following a strong performance in the third stage of the Brasileirao and victories over Pampas, Six Karma, and Black Dragons, the Sweden Major champions qualified for the Jönköping Major to secure a minimum of 275 SI Points.

Now, after their victory over the already Six Invitational 2023-bound Wolves Esports, FaZe have confirmed their place at the world championship as well.

The Brazilians are not done yet, though, and will be looking to qualify for the Jönköping Major playoffs later today and only need to win one round against Mirage to do so.

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