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Europe League 2024 Stage 1 Day 3 Preview: Team BDS back in action following dominant performance against G2 Esports

Here’s everything you need to know about Europe’s first match day of the week.

Banner Image: Ubisoft / João F. @itsmeERROR

The third match day of the Europe League 2024 will kick off on later today featuring eight of the nine teams in the league. Here are some stats for you to know before the beginning of the games!

Team Secret vs.

Team Secret had a sweet start to the Europe League 2024 with a rock-solid 7-2 victory against ENCE. Meanwhile, the same can’t be said about the Russians, who lost to Wolves Esports on maximum overtime.

Since Mar. 2023, both teams have met three times, with winning the two games in the Europe League and Team Secret winning in the R6 South Breach.

Team BDS vs. Into the Breach

Team BDS looks like the strongest roster in the league and its players are the current favorites to take Europe’s first seed to compete at the BLAST R6 Major Manchester. 

The French-majority roster has yet to lose a game since the additions of Fatih “Solotov” Türker and Josh “Yuzus” Pritchard. If we’re brutally honest, it doesn’t feel like their streak will end any time soon: after the squad won the Malta Cyber Series VII, Team BDS defeated WYLDE and G2 Esports in the Europe League.

Team BDS’s rival in the roster’s first game of the week will be Into the Breach, who defeated Wolves Esports in their initial game of the season. Now, the British-majority roster will try to spoil the Frenchmen's domination in Europe.

Fnatic vs. Wolves Esports

It’s been almost one year since the former KOI core and Wolves Esports met in the Europe League. Back then, the Frenchmen defeated the purple squad by 0-2.

Wolves Esports have been struggling massively at transforming their attacks. Against Into the Breach, the Frenchmen couldn’t get any as the British side completed a flawless defensive half. Meanwhile, against, Wolves Esports went 2-7 on the attack (overtime rounds included).

Fnatic comes to the match against Wolves Esports sitting on second place in the standings after the team’s maximum overtime defeat against G2 Esports and the regulation victory against Into the Breach.

ENCE vs. G2 Esports

Last but not least, ENCE and G2 Esports will clash in the final match of the day. Both rosters had similar starts to the league as they are all headed to the game with one overtime victory and one regulation loss to their names.

Historically, both organizations have only met once in Rainbow Six Siege’s esports competitive scene. On Jan. 18, 2019, the Finn organization defeated the European powerhouse by 7-3 in Europe’s PL Season 9.

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