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EUL Week 2 Storylines to watch

There are some interesting things to watch in this week's EUL slate.

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Week 1 of the European League has come and gone, and there are some results that have determined some games to watch this week. As we inch closer to the NA May Major, several teams need favorable results in order to gain the upper hand in the results or risk falling behind their peers.

Can BDS right the ship?

While BDS’s opponents were certainly no pushovers, only notching three points isn’t the greatest start in the world for a team expected to be at the top of EUL every season.

A difficult task against perennial French foe LFO looms, but an “easier” game against MNM is on the schedule as well. BDS is a little bit behind in the standings, nothing to truly worry about, but another pair of overtime games might not go their way this time. A big win over LFO should have BDS getting back into the top four where they belong.

LFO’s chance at a big week

Ex-Vitality is off to a very strong start – one that they could segue into a Major-qualifying start with two more results. LFO faces BDS and Rogue this week – two teams that are expected to make Majors as well. Getting anywhere over three points here will be huge for LFO, who are still looking at matchups with G2 and HEROIC down the stretch. Either way, this week will tell us a lot about LFO, their updated roster, and their real chances of qualifying for another Major.

Is G2 really the superteam they’re expected to be?

G2 is off to a strong start in EUL play, and next week will tell us even more about the team that’s expected to be one of the best European League teams with immediate effect. Only international competition will show us how strong G2 is with the expectations they’ve given off, but two teams like HEROIC and LFO should give us a solid look. Both of these teams have international aspirations – LFO has been to the Sweden Major, and HEROIC would’ve gone under cowana Gaming had SI 2021 not been postponed.

After this week concludes, EUL will effectively be halfway over, only five more G2 matches will remain. If half a stage, one-sixth of the time a non-Major qualifying team has to play in a calendar year isn’t enough to make a solid judgment on how this team is performing currently, then maybe the regular stages need to expand.

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