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EUL Week 5: Crucial super-week for BDS and Heroic’s Berlin hopes, NAVI aim to stamp out inconsistent form

Europe’s second super week is here.

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No room for mistakes for BDS

Team BDS’ super week could define the remainder of the stage. Currently, in sixth, the French squad have looked sloppy in the most important moment of their stage so far.

Today, they play Rogue, and three days later, the team will face MNM Gaming. Stephane “Shaiiko” Lebleu’s side comes fresh off a loss against Natus Vincere on Villa, a game where he was uncharacteristically quiet.

The French must change the team’s momentum to stay in the Berlin race, otherwise, the roster could miss out on an international event for the first time since getting promoted to Europe’s top flight. But luckily for them, Rogue is also coming off a drubbing by Wolves, and their weaknesses could be exploited.

Can NAVI survive the super week?

Natus Vincere has looked highly inconsistent throughout Stage 2. Losses against teams like G2 Esports and PWNZ were followed by incredible performances against Outsiders and Team BDS.

In a super-week, inconsistency has to be stamped out — especially when facing MNM Gaming and Wolves Esports. Surviving these two games would be a clear statement that the team has what it takes to qualify for Berlin.

Wolves Esports are still unbeaten and could be on course for a perfect stage. A win for them would qualify the team for the Berlin Major as well.

Meanwhile, the marshmallows are on their way to qualifying for an international event for the first time since the Six Invitational 2022 and will not hold back against NAVI.

Will Heroic remain in the top four?

Heroic’s results have slightly worsened compared to the first stage.

After having forced overtimes against MNM Gaming and Team Secret, the team rescued enough points to remain in the top four. However, the super week will be the final test to see if Heroic can hold onto a top four spot.

Playing against Outsiders and Rogue, Heroic must get results the way they need them -- in regulation and in winning fashion. Heroic wants to prove that their performance in Charlotte wasn’t their best, but they’ve got to get to Berlin first.

G2 Esports face the Russian armada

G2 Esports’ Berlin Major hopes might be almost gone, but it’s still important for the team to finish as strongly as possible in the standings to get a higher number of SI Points.

This week, G2 Esports will face the two Russian sides in the competition, Outsiders and PWNZ.

Getting two regulation victories is important and could lift G2 Esports up to at least sixth place. With two games left after the super-week, the team’s Berlin odds could change drastically -- and with NIP managing a top-four in the BR6, anything can still happen.

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