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EUL Playday 8 Key Takeaways: Rogue's slip up could spell doom for Major hopes, G2 and BDS set for play-in

All the takeaways from the penultimate EUL playday.

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Rogue's slip up against Outsiders has a drastic effect on their Major chances.

Rogue had a solid start to the stage, they looked like they had the inside track to the Major. Their final hurdle was Outsiders, all Rogue had to do was win one map in regulation and they'd effectively seal their Major berth.

Unfortunately for the blue-clad team that's looked like a top-two team in the league at times, they fell far short. They lost to Outsiders by a 2-7 scoreline, and are now on the outside looking in due to their schedule.

If Rogue wants to make a Major, it's going to need to win some points off Heroic, by and large, the best team in the league.

It's a tall ask for a Rogue team that's been slumping over the second half of the stage. A bizarre loss to an improving MNM Gaming has led into a crushing loss to Outsiders. If Rogue can't pull out a win on the final day, they need LFO to lose by a worse margin to PWNZ and for MNM to beat Outsiders to stay in the fourth spot.

BDS and G2 set for a consequential showdown -- or are they?

So, BDS vs. G2 is going to be a heck of a game. In the server, both of these teams are clearly in the upper echelon of the European League.

However, there's a chance that it might end up being inconsequential in terms of the Major race. Rogue plays Heroic, and could end up getting zero points on the day. MNM could beat Outsiders, which would still have them and Outsiders below both BDS and G2 in points. If those two things happen, the results of the LFO vs. PWNZ game won't matter, BDS and G2 can't be knocked out of the top four.

LFO is in by far the best spot

PWNZ has seen better days. They're LFO's last game on the docket for the season.

If LFO get three points next Monday, they're more than likely qualified for the Major. Rogue are ahead of them, and Rogue is facing off against Heroic, who have publicly said they aren't too interested in taking things easy against them. MNM and Outsiders play each other, and are playing for an outside shot at sneaking by LFO, should the Frenchmen not follow through.

By virtue of their opponent and their position on the leaderboards, LFO is in the best position heading into next Monday, and it is not particularly close.

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