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EU League Stage 3 to start on Sep. 12

There's just 11 days to go for the final 2022 stage.

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Image: Ubisoft/Joao Ferreira

Stage 3 of the European League will start in just one and a half weeks' time on Monday, Sep. 12.

This is a week earlier than its start date in prior years and will likely mean that the NAL, APAC Leagues, and BR6 will also begin the same week.

While the top four teams during Stage 3 will qualify for November's Six Major, teams will also be playing for a spot in the EU League Finals. While Heroic and Wolves look likely to win a spot, there's a close race for the others between Rogue, BDS, G2, and MNM.

Teams will also be aiming to avoid the relegation zone as PWNZ currently have 13 points compared to Secret on 17, NAVI on 19, and Outsiders on 22.

In prior years, the bottom-placed team was automatically relegated to the Challenger League, while ninth place played in a relegation match. This may be changing this year, but details are currently unconfirmed.

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