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Elevate become first APAC team to qualify for Six Invitational 2023 thanks to results at Jönköping Major

APAC's first team has made it to SI 2023.

Update (5:35PM UTC, 23 Nov): A previous version of this article erroneously stated that CYCLOPS athlete gaming had also secured qualification to the Six Invitational. That is not the case and is contingent on further results at the Major.

Original article (5:25PM UTC, 23 Nov):

Elevate today qualified for February's Six Invitational 2023. This comes after both SANDBOX and Dire Wolves were eliminated from the Jönköping Major in the group stage and thus cannot overtake the Elevate SI Points totals. 

Elevate currently are in 14th place by SI Points after qualifying for both the Charlotte and Berlin Majors and finishing in the quarter-finals in the latter and have 800 SI Points.

They are the only APAC team currently qualified. They could be joined by CYCLOPS athlete gaming, depending on other results at the Jönköping Major, and one final APAC qualifier team. APAC will thus have either two or three teams from the region at the world championship event, compared to four LATAM teams, six NA teams, and seven EU teams. 

A total of 14 of the 16 teams that will qualify by SI Points have already been determined, with the final teams being two of CAG, Soniqs, and Spacestation Gaming. SSG need to win the Six Major to qualify for the Six Invitational before the open qualifiers -- any less than this and CAG and Soniqs will win the final two spots.

Notable teams which have missed out on qualification via the SI Points include the prior two Six Invitational champions, NiP and TSM, as well as FURIA, Team oNe, DWG KIA, and SANDBOX.

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