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DWG KIA out of Berlin Major playoff contention after dropping points to Rogue

DWG will be going home after four losses.

DWG KIA are now unable to qualify for the Berlin Major playoffs after Rogue took them to overtime.

This result follows losses against Rogue (2-7) NiP (1-7) and XSET (4-7) but beating NiP (7-5).

While they could still reach eight points later today, XSET are already on nine and either NiP or Rogue are set to jump up to at least eight after they face other. 

This comes just a few weeks after they finished the Gamers8 event in last place, failed to qualify for the Charlotte Major, and were knocked out in two straight best-of-three map games during the Six Invitational playoffs. 

Group A is now left with three teams vying over two playoff spots -- XSET currently lead Rogue and NiP by three points. This gap will get smaller following the conclusion of Rogue vs DWG KIA, as well as the Rogue vs NiP game later today.

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