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Dune: Awakening gameplay unveiled with a brand-new trailer

A promising MMO set in the Dune universe

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Hot off the heels of Dune: Part II's release in theaters, Funcom has unveiled a new look at the highly anticipated MMO Dune: Awakening, with an extensive trailer that showcases the hardships of Arrakis.

The trailer was shared on the official Funcom YouTube channel. If you're a Dune fan, it's two minutes of pure spectacle showing off some of the most iconic elements in the franchise, like the sandworms, ornithopter warfare, and even usage of Spice that could serve as key for your character to access physic powers.

According to Funcom, Dune: Awakening will combine "the grit and creativity of sandbox survival games with the social interactivity of a large, persistent multiplayer game to create a unique and ambitious Open World Survival MMO."

Alongside the trailer, Funcom also shared the first episode of their Dune: Awakening Direct showcase series, in which they added more context for hardcore fans of the franchise.

If you're a fan of the Denis Villeneuve take on Dune, you'll be happy to hear that Funcom developers will take heavy inspiration from both films, particularly Part I, as they visited the sets during production.

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Creative director of Dune: Awakening Joel Bylos stated Dune Part I and II production company, Legendary Entertainment, has been open about sharing assets with Funcom.

"We've been working with Legendary since the very beginning, they've been very generous sharing with us assets from the film and allowing us to really understand the vision that Denis Villeneuve has for the world and his characters and the way he's grounding Arrakis."

Dune: Awakening was first revealed during Gamescom in 2022 showing off pre-alpha footage and a CG trailer and by the look of things, it's clear Funcom has been hard at work polishing the game. Sadly, we still don't have details regarding a possible beta testing period or a concrete release date.

What we do know is that Dune: Awakening will be released on PC (via Steam), Xbox Series X and S, and PlayStation 5.

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