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Drip benched on beastcoast

Adam "Drip" Kolodkin has been "moved off [bc's] active roster".

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beastcoast has made their first roster change since forming a new roster at the beginning of the year as Adam "Drip" Kolodkin has been benched.

Drip is a well-known name in North American Siege that competed on a number of tier two rosters including '92 Dream Team. With this team he won the NA Challenger League and was promoted to the Pro League but was removed from the team before he made his professional debut.

After more time in the Challenger League, he then joined the NA League in 2021 on XSET. After the team finished in ninth and eighth place last year, he was then dropped in June before returning on bc this year.

After finishing the 2021 Season in eighth place, beastcoast picked up four new players for this year, including Drip. This led them to a sixth and seventh place finish during the last two stages, as Stage 2 saw them just two points shy of XSET in fourth place.

Stage 2 also notably saw Drip end with the fourth lowest rating in the North American League. He was, however, still ahead of his teammate, AnthonyMGS, and this was while playing as the team's hard-support player.

This makes Drip the second roster change in the NAL since the league ended less than a week ago following Alexander "Skys" Magor's exit from SSG. With beatscoast's next game not coming until Stage 3 starts, likely in mid-September, the team has plenty of time to find a replacement player.

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