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Dire Wolves qualify for Jönköping Major

They are the first APAC South team to do so.

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Following their 8-7 comeback victory against Elevate today, Dire Wolves have secured their place at the upcoming Six Jönköping Major.

With this win, the Taiwanese team has 13 points total and cannot fall outside of the top two, despite third-placed FURY only having 10 points, as Dire Wolves hold the tiebreaker over the Thai team.

They follow CYCLOPS athlete gaming and SANDBOX Gaming, who qualified yesterday from APAC North, and become the first team from APAC South to do so.

Dire Wolves have been undefeated all stage in a remarkable winning run across all competitions, including their domestic Operation League SEA. Their last loss came on Jul. 31, a 1-2 loss to Gaimin Gladiators in that league.

Each of their players have been enjoying a remarkable run of form, but none more than new signing Wu "Reeps96" Weichen. The Chinese player, who only arrived in Thailand to be able to play in APAC South one day before the start of the stage, was the second-best player in the league by SiegeGG Rating before today.

His 1.27 Rating stemmed from an impressive league-topping +18 K-D, a third-best +7 on Entry kills, and an impact in 72 percent of all rounds played.

His teammates follow very closely, with Hou "Ed" Tsung-cheng and Cai "Souffle" Hong-ting having had the third and fifth-best SiegeGG Ratings. Ed also led the field in terms of KOST and defuser plants, while Souffle led in terms of clutches and was fifth-best in terms of Entry K-D.

Dire Wolves previously debuted internationally at the Charlotte Major in Stage 1, but finished last in their three-team group after only securing one overtime win. While they had been 7-0-0-0 in APAC South that stage, they fell to fifth place in Stage 2 and missed out on the Berlin Major.

Now, having signed Reeps96 and having moved Huang "HARAM3E" Chih-hang to a substitute and analyst role, they have returned to a similarly lossless form that they will hope combines with their Charlotte Major experience in Jönköping.

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