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Dire Wolves become first team eliminated from Six Invitational 2023

Dire Wolves are the first team sent home.

After Team Liquid's 2-0 victory against Dire Wolves today, the Taiwanese squad has become the first eliminated team from the Six Invitational 2023.

With Wolves Esports and Team Liquid having four points each and set to meet tomorrow, it means there's no mathematical way for the APAC South team to finish in the top four of Group B as they will lose the mini-league points tiebreaker.

Despite their elimination, the APAC South team's stay in Montreal is not yet over as they are yet to play against Soniqs.

This season, the Taiwanese roster competed in the Charlotte Major and the Jönköping Major. Nevertheless, the last two months have been tough for the Asian roster.

With Hou "Ed" Tsung-cheng first benched and later retiring from the competitive scene, and Wu "Reeps96" Weichen's sudden departure from the team, Dire Wolves announced two roster changes hours before taking part in the APAC SI 2023 Closed Qualifier. Huang "HARAM3E" Chih-hang was moved from the bench to the active roster, while the remaining spot was filled by Chen "Ray" Rui-wei.

Despite the significant roster changes, Dire Wolves qualified for the Six Invitational 2023 after winning the APAC SI 2023 Closed Qualifier following 2-1 victories over Team Bliss and SANDBOX Gaming.

Dire Wolves' Six Invitational debut will come to an end after it started with 2-0 defeats against MNM Gaming, Wolves Esports, and Team Liquid. Make sure to tune in to the team's last match in Montreal against Soniqs, tomorrow at 1PM (GMT-5).

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