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Destiny 2: How to get free Bright Dust

Get free currency until the start of The Final Shape

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Bungie is giving Destiny 2 fans a weekly batch of Bright Dust starting on March 5 and until The Final Shape DLC is released in June.

The reason behind their decision was revealed in the March 7 This Week in Destiny blog post. Bungie stated that, now that Season of the Wish weekly quests are done, they'll be adding weekly Bright Dust as a small compensation in return.

The Final Shape was initially planned for a late February release, but unfortunately, it was delayed. With the seasonal story now complete, offering free Bright Dust seems like a good way to incentivize players to continue playing Destiny 2.

How to get free Bright Dust Destiny 2

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To get the free Bright Dust, you must log in and simply collect it from the Eververse shop in Destiny 2. That's it, no quests or weekly challenges to complete.

You'll be getting 700 Bright Dust weekly and will be able to collect it every Tuesday after the weekly reset that happens at 10 am PT/12 pm CT.

These drops of Bright Dust will be available from March 5 until May 28, the final weekly reset before The Final Shape releases. It's worth noting that these batches of Bright Dust don't stack, meaning that you'll have to log in each week to acquire them.

How to use Bright Dust

Bright Dust is a secondary currency players can use to purchase cosmetics in the Eververse shop. Unlike Silver, which can only be obtained with real money, Bright Dust can be obtained via seasonal challenges and as a reward from the season pass.

We recommend you look at the Eververse calendar in TodayInDestiny to check out the cosmetics that will be available in the coming weeks. For more Destiny 2 content, check out all the new weapons introduced with patch 7.3.5.

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