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DarkZero, SCARZ, MIBR, and Mkers partner with Dolce & Gabbana for docuseries & merch range

Three items for $1335 and more to come.

The Italian fashion brand Dolce & Gabbana has partnered with four esports organizations, all of whom have notable Rainbow Six rosters, to produce a range of merchandise and a docuseries. 

The four organizations in question each hail from the four Rainbow Six regions, with DarkZero Esports coming from North America, Mkers coming from Europe, MIBR from Latin America, and SCARZ from Asia Pacific. 

This is a continuation of a partnership with Mkers since June this year, with D&G previously also partnered with FACEIT. Mkers is also partnered with Armani, another prestige Italian fashion brand. 

The new “gooDGame” partnerships was officially unveiled last weekend, with the following trailer, which includes a voiceover by DarkZero content creator, caster, and legendary former player Niclas "Pengu" Mouritzen:

So far two episodes of the docuseries have been released; Terra and Mercurio:

The adventures of gooDGame begin in Italy with the MKERS Gaming House, founded a short distance from the Circus Maximus, where the ancient Roman Games were once held.

The episode below introduces all four teams involved, primarily looking at their team houses and talking to the organization’s owners about esports in the countries. 

We travel to Tokyo with Prinsipe from MKERS to meet the SCARZ team, and discover a shared love for FIFA and 24/7 eSport Cafés. A full immersion into the exciting Japanese gaming culture.

Episode 2 then focuses on FIFA players for Mkers and SCARZ playing an Italy vs Japan match while talking about the gaming culture in the countries. 

Four more episodes are set to be released, focused on DarkZero and MIBR.

Concerning the merchandise, three items have so far been announced with four more to be revealed on Tuesday, Nov. 8. 

Hyper-digitalized lettering, gender-fluid style and multicolor glitch effect. Dolce&Gabbana takes inspiration from the gamer universe to create a special collection.

With less than half of the range released, the items are already being sold for $1335:

  • $345 -- Multi-colored cotton T-shirt with GooDGame print
  • $495 -- Jogging pants with GooDGame print
  • $495 -- Multi-colored jersey sweatshirt with GooDGame print

While merchandise ranges are nothing new, the price of the items, and the multi-organizational launch both make this a rather large venture for the organizations involved.

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