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CS2 Ranks: Everything you need to know

A quick guide on how the rank system works in CS2

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With the launch of CS2, Valve introduced quite a few changes to how the ranks work in the competitive mode. If you are just starting to play the game and you plan on taking on the competitive side of things, it might be a good idea to read about how the rank system works first.

How does the CS2 rank system work?

In CS2, players have a different rank depending on the map, meaning that someone could be Global Elite on Dust II while at the same time being Silver Elite on Overpass. This allows players to learn the ropes of new locations without affecting their rank obtained in previously available maps.

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Each player receives an MMR (Matchmaking Rating) in Ranked, based on the skill level and win-loss ratio. This value determines which rank every player belongs to in each of the maps available. The process is pretty straightforward, you gain MMR by winning and lose MMR by losing matches.

Individual performance is also taken into account when it comes to MMR adjustments after every match but wins and losses are more impactful.

Rank decay is present in the game and this is a mechanism that decreases the rank of accounts that haven't played the competitive game mode in a certain amount of time. To avoid any demotion, we recommend you to play at least one game of Ranked per month.

CS2 Ranks

There's a total of 18 ranks in the game, going from Silver I to Global Elite. Here's the complete list of ranks separated by skill groups:

Beginner ranks

  • Silver I
  • Silver II
  • Silver III
  • Silver IV
  • Silver Elite
  • Silver Elite Master

Intermediate ranks

  • Gold Nova I
  • Gold Nova II
  • Gold Nova III
  • Gold Nova Master
  • Master Guardian I
  • Master Guardian II

Advanced ranks

  • Master Guardian Elite
  • Distinguished Master Guardian
  • Legendary Eagle
  • Legendary Eagle Master
  • Supreme Master First Class
  • Global Elite

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