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COD Warzone Mobile weapon tier list (April 2024): Best weapons from each class

New weapons have arrived with Season 3

COD Warzone Mobile Tier list

Warzone Mobile finally brings the Battle Royale experience that console and PC users love for mobile players. The game is a direct adaptation and it features the same weapons as the main title, meaning that there are several options to choose from and more will keep coming in the future.

If you haven't played the main Warzone experience or aren't up to date with the meta, it might be hard to know which gun is currently more effective for every scenario.

Now that Season 3 is underway, a couple of new weapons have arrived in the game and we have updated our Tier List to show you which guns are dominating the current meta of the battle royale title.

Assault Rifles

  • S Tier: BP50 
  • A Tier: M13C, MCW, Holger 556, STB 556
  • B Tier: FR Avancer, M13B
  • C Tier: M16, TR-76 Geist, RAM-7, SVA 545, Tempus Razorback, Kastov 762, Kastov 545, Chimera, FR 5.56
  • D Tier: Kastov-74u, Lachmann 556, TAQ-56, M4, ISO Hemlock

The BP50 reigns at the top of our tier list for assault rifles because it currently has the lowest time-to-kill in this category when it comes to long-range fights. The gun has a relatively high rate of fire and is also very versatile, working well in engagements at a closer range. 

Submachine guns

  • S Tier: RAM-9, AMR9
  • A Tier: WSP-9, WSP Swarm, HRM-9, Striker 9
  • B Tier: Lachmann Shroud, MX9, Striker, FJX Horus
  • C Tier: Fennec 45, ISO 45, Vaznev-9K, Vel 46, ISO 9mm, Rival-9, FSS Hurricane
  • D Tier: PDSW 528, Minibak, Lachmann Sub, Bas-P

We are putting both the RAM-9 and the AMR9 on the S Tier since these guns are superior in a close-range gunfight. Even though the guns from the A Tier are close in performance, these two submachine guns provide a full package and don't have many weaknesses in the current meta.

A Tier guns can also dominate thanks to their damage output, however, most don't perform that well if the target is a little farther away.

Battle Rifles

  • S Tier: FTAC Recon, Sidewinder
  • A Tier: Bas-B, MTZ-762
  • B Tier: TAQ-V, SO-14
  • C Tier: Cronen Squall
  • D Tier: Lachmann 762

With the Battle Rifles, the FTAC Recon and the Sidewinder are the strongest options at the moment. Everything below that is subjective to the attachments you put them on or how you use them.

Light Machine Guns

  • S Tier: Bruen MK9, DG-58 LSW, Holger 26, Pulemyot 762
  • A Tier: RAPP H, 556 Icarus, TAQ Eradicator
  • B Tier: TAQ Evolvere, HCR 56, Sakin MG38
  • C Tier: RAAL MG
  • D Tier: RPK

The most optimal weapon class in the game is the LMGs, as most options have the potential to do enough damage. Any option from B Tier and above can be pretty lethal, depending on preference for attachments and/or aftermarket parts.

Sniper Rifles

  • S Tier: FJX Imperium, Victus XMR, MCPR-300, Katt-AMR
  • A Tier: XRK Stalker
  • B Tier: Signal 50
  • C Tier: Longbow, KV Inhibitor
  • D Tier: LA-B 330, SP-X 80, Carrack .300

On the S Tier, we have all the snipers capable of one-shotting people through a headshot. There isn't one above another since they are all pretty effective and this just comes down to preference.

The XRK Stalker on the A Tier can also one-shot players, but its range is a little lower than the options on the highest tier. Below that, we have snipers that are semiautomatic, thus their damage per bullet is not that high.

The two snipers at the bottom are bolt-action, but their damage is significantly lower than the S Tier weapons. We also have the Carrack .300 down there, but you don't want to use that option at all.

Marksman Rifles

  • S Tier: LM-S,  KVD Enforcer
  • A Tier: DM56
  • B Tier: MCW 6.8, Tempus Torrent
  • C Tier: TAQ-M, EBR-14, MTZ Interceptor, 
  • D Tier: SA-B 50, SP-R 208, Lockwood MK2, Crossbow

It's difficult to make a list for the Marksman Rifle because some guns behave like normal semiautomatic rifles, while others behave like sniper rifles. However, we are gonna leave an example for each on the S Tier.


  • S Tier: Haymaker, Lockwood 680, Riveter
  • A Tier: KV Broadside, Bryson 890
  • B Tier: Lockwood 300
  • C Tier: MX Guardian, Bryson 800
  • D Tier: Expedite 12

It's hard to place one shotgun above another one since most of them do the same amount of damage, with a few exceptions and some having a different firing style. However, we left the shotguns from Modern Warfare 3 at the top since those are ones with better handling.

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