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COD Warzone Mobile: Best settings for Android and iOS devices

Adjusting these graphic settings might help

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Warzone Mobile is finally out but the game has been facing a lot of backslash because of its poor performance and overheating problems, mostly on Android devices, so a best settings guide might be something good to have.

The graphical settings menu is not as extensive as the PC version of the game, but there are a few options you can adjust to try and improve the overall game's performance on your mobile device.

Best settings for Warzone Mobile

Here are a few different settings combinations you could try depending on the type of device you are using to play:

Best settings for slow/old phones

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These are the best settings you could play if your phone is struggling to run the game without having to sacrifice any advantage gameplay-wise. You could lower the Field of View even more if you are still having trouble, but you'll compromise this aspect.

Best settings for the highest quality

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If you have a recent phone with enough capacity, these are the settings to maximize the graphics in the game. Not only you will get to see more on your screen thanks to the highest level of FOV, but also your gameplay should be smooth because of the uncapped framerate.

Keep in mind that with the game having overheating problems, running these settings might not be a good idea at the moment, or at least until the developers release a patch to fix these issues.

Will there be a Warzone Mobile Lite?

At the moment, Activision hasn't announced anything about releasing a Lite version of Warzone Mobile. Some mobile developers tend to release a lighter version of their games to allow users with low-end devices to play their titles.

However, knowing that Warzone Mobile demands a lot by nature, it is unlikely that a Lite version is in the cards or at the very least possible.

What have devs said about poor performance?

Just a day after releasing the mobile title, developers launched a patch for Android players to fix some graphical issues and speed up the time the game takes to stream graphical assets. They also promised that more updates would be coming in the next few days to address more issues that users have been reporting since launch.

Other ways to improve performance

The first thing that you should do to improve performance is plugging your phone while playing. This will not only allow the game to optimize for performance instead of worrying about battery life, but also your phone's internal components will perform at their intended capability.

Since overheating has been one of the main topics, getting an external phone cooler could be a great solution for this. These are usually fans attached to the back of your phone that help with heat propagation, avoiding any kind of thermal throttling or overheating.

Some of these external coolers also come with a stand, in case you play with a controller or if your hands get tired quickly.

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