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Chiefs ESC qualify for Charlotte Major, eliminate DWG KIA, Korea's last hope

In a shocking upset from all of 2021, there will be no Korean representation at the Charlotte Major.

Image via Ubisoft/@itsmeerror

While Chiefs ESC opted to give the SI 2022 qualifier a miss, they’ve followed up their Sweden Major appearance with qualification to the Charlotte Major as well.

Chiefs defeated DWG KIA 2-0 in order to pull off an incredible second upset, having knocked out SANDBOX Gaming the day before in a brutal 2-1 comeback. As a result, this will be the first event not to feature a Korean team since SI 2020.

While Chiefs have opted to keep most of their roster intact, they swapped out two players and their coach from their Nov. 2021 Sweden Major team. The changes seem to have galvanised the team, with Chiefs also recording the 2022 season’s first 7-0 victory over FURY in APAC South.

A third place finish in APAC South was followed up by a close 0-2 loss to Talon Esports, but Chiefs struck back -- like Elevate earlier in the day -- and completed the lower bracket run to qualify for the Major as well.

Chiefs are yet to play at least one more game -- potentially three -- but have their place guaranteed no matter their results in the final two APAC Playoffs playdays next week.

You can catch Chiefs in action at the Charlotte Major, beginning on May 16, and ending on May 22.

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