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APAC Transfers: Post-Stage 3 Updates - Chiefs ESC sign bouncinballz, Boydy to playing roster, Todd to coaching role

Here's a quick summary of all the changes in both APAC North and APAC South since the end of Stage 3 2021.

As SiegeGG's hub for all roster changes in the transfer window post-Stage 3 of the 2021 season, this page will be regularly updated with the latest transfer news. Check out the LATAMNA, and EU threads for changes within those regions as well.

Summary of Changes So Far

APAC North Region:

  • mantis FPS - Joins SANDBOX Gaming, OCN retires, RechoTZ leaves
  • GUTS Gaming - Organization exits Rainbow Six Siege, JJ retires, Fnatic signs roster
  • Fnatic - Tex, Stigs, Crapelle, Alphama, MentalistC, and Lusty leave, former GUTS roster signed
  • T1 - Mephi joins
  • FAV gaming - Luugator leaves
  • SANDBOX - GoodBoy to replace Nova after Apr. 12, Nova to coach
  • REJECT - Pep signed as coach

APAC South Region:

  • Elevate - NayPew benched, Nerix retires, MrPuncH and markshortboyz signed
  • Invictus - Jrdn, Jo released, Lunarmetal retires, MentalistC, Jigsaw, naate signed
  • Knights - Dino retires, Hayward leaves, Stigs and Quiz signed
  • Chiefs - Fishoguy and GodLegion dropped, WarTurtle leaves, Boydy and bouncinballz signed to playing roster, Todd to coaching role
  • QConfirm - Roster leaves organization, signed by FURY
  • ORDER - Roster leaves organization
  • Dire Wolves - Ray, S1no, Ratio leave, HARAM3E joins
  • Wildcard Gaming - OJ and Kyro signed, EmoRin benched, Gio leaves

Roster Changes

March 16th: Chiefs ESC sign bouncinballz, Boydy to playing roster, Todd to coaching role


March 16th: REJECT signs Pep as coach


March 16th: Knights sign Stigs and Quiz


March 15th: SANDBOX confirms Nova to coach after Apr. 12, GoodBoy to step up to playing roster

As reported by SiegeGG in Jan. 2022, SANDBOX Gaming will move Sihun "Nova" Lee to a coaching position in April. The team also confirmed today that Jiheon "GoodBoy" Lee is set to step up in his place as speculated. However, Nova will continue in his playing role until Apr. 12, when GoodBoy turns 18 years-old.


March 14th: Chiefs coach WarTurtle steps down from team


March 11th: Wildcard sign OJ, Kyro, bench EmoRin, drop Gio


March 9th: Dire Wolves sign HARAM3E as Ray, S1no, and Ratio leave


March 8th: Luugator leaves FAV gaming


March 5th: Elevate signs MrPuncH and markshortboyz


March 3rd: Chiefs ESC part ways with GodLegion

The last remaining member of the 2019 Oddity lineup on Chiefs Esports Club, Jake "GodLeg1on" Harris, has exited the Chiefs four months after attending his first global event, the Sweden Major.

March 1st: Elevate benches NayPew, Nerix retires

Despite being the last remaining APAC roster at the 2022 Six Invitational, Elevate has opted to make a number of changes to their roster as Siwa "Nerix" Kaewtossapone retired and Sumate "Nay..Pew" Srimabut was benched.

February 9th: Mephi joins T1

After T1's coach, Fanxy, stood-in as a player during Stage 3 of the APAC North League, the team has finally found a fifth player in "Mephi". Mephi has no prior pro-tier experience.

February 28th: Invictus completes rebuild with MentalistC, Jigsaw, and naate signings

As reported by SiegeGG on Feb. 27, Invictus Gaming have signed Patrick "MentalistC" Fan, Jack "Jigsaw" Gillies, and Nathaniel "Naate" Williams.

February 28th: FURY signs former Qconfirm roster

The former Qconfirm roster has been signed by Australian esports organization FURY. The Thai roster was dropped by Qconfirm in Nov. 2021, when the organization shuttered all operations.

Read more about this change here.

February 26th: Fnatic signs former GUTS Gaming roster and former GAMMA Gaming coach Phenomene

Fnatic today announced the signing of the former GUTS Gaming roster and up-and-coming Japanese talent  Ryuya "Chibisu" Hamasita. Also signed is former GAMMA Gaming and IziDream coach Théo "Phenomene" Hentgen, who will be the Strategic Coach and Analyst for Fnatic.

Read more about this change here.

February 25th: Fnatic bids farewell to MentalistC, Lusty, and past players

Ahead of a teased move to Japan, Fnatic has bid farewell to all their prior R6 players with the notable exception of Etienne "Mag" Rousseau:

2018 → 2022
Australia FNATIC R6 era
I am deeply grateful to all the players who have left a lot of memories, and to the players who are still active.
Let's look back on FNATIC so far!

February 23rd: ORDER roster leaves org

After a number of players had announced their departure from the organization in prior weeks, ORDER has now announced the exit of all seven members of their R6S squad.

This comes following relegation from the APAC South League following a defeat to the Indonesian The Last Dance roster last month.

February 21st: JJ retires from competitive Siege, leaves former GUTS Gaming roster

The former GUTS Gaming roster's Takumi "JJ" Iwasaki has announced his retirement from competitive Rainbow Six Siege amidst speculation as to GUTS Gaming's future in APAC North.

The GUTS Gaming organization had announced a complete departure from the game last month and it is unclear if the former GUTS players will continue in APAC North for 2022.

February 14th: Lunarmetal retires from pro play

Invictus has lost three members this offseason, with the latest being team captain Glen "Lunarmetal" Suryasaputra, who has retired from competitive play. 

February 13th: Invictus Gaming releases Jo

Jose "Jo" Iman revealed on Feb. 13 that he had been released by Invictus Gaming two weeks ago, ahead of the 2022 season. The news comes a day after Jordan "Jrdn" Cheng revealed that he, too, had been released by the team.

February 12th: Invictus Gaming releases Jrdn

Jordan "Jrdn" Cheng has been released by Invictus Gaming ahead of the 2022 season, and is now "open to any offers within APAC".

February 1st: Crapelle announces Fnatic departure

Fnatic Strategic Coach Laurent "Crapelle" Patriarche has announced his departure from the Australian team.

"Leaving Fnatic is a very hard decision to take for me, but working from Europe on an Asian time zone has put a strain on my health that I can not ignore anymore," said Crapelle in a Twitlonger.

The move comes after Fnatic dropped Tex Thompson and Riley "Stigs" Mills from its active roster on Oct. 26.

In the Twitlonger, Crapelle also stated that he is now looking to coach a top-flight or second-division team in EU instead.

January 30th: Chiefs ESC drops Fishoguy

Chiefs ESC have parted ways with support player Morgan "Fishoguy" Ishizaka. The move comes as somewhat of a surprise, given Chiefs' rising momentum that saw them qualify for the Sweden Major in 2021.

It is currently unclear who will be replacing him on the Chiefs ESC roster.

In the Chiefs' announcement video, Fishoguy stated that he is now a free agent and is looking for a new team.

January 21st: RechoTZ leaves SANDBOX Gaming

Just a few weeks before the team's appearance at the 2022 Six Invitational, SANDBOX's coach, Minjae "RechoTZ" Seo, has left the team.

RechoTZ had been on the team for two years and gave no explanation for the change. This means SBXG will attend the Six Invitational with no coaching staff.

January 6th: Knights' Dino retires, Hayward leaves

Australian team Knights has been dealt a significant blow to its 2022 chances after the retirement of Mark "Dino" Abboud and departure of Harper Hayward.

The moves leave Knights with just three players on the active roster and are seemingly why the team chose to forfeit its place in the Six Invitational 2022 APAC Closed Qualifier later this weekend.

In a Twitlonger, Dino stated that he was leaving competitive Rainbow Six to focus on starting his own business, taking over his family's business, and to improve on his lifestyle habits.

Knights had enjoyed a stellar 2021 in the APAC South Division, finishing second in Stage 1 and first in Stage 2, though had slipped to a disappointing eighth in Stage 3. Overall, their APAC South placement had been third, while it had been second in the Oceanic Nationals behind Chiefs ESC.

Disappointingly, Knights had to miss the Six Mexico Major due to the Australian travel restrictions then in place.

The Australians will now enter a rebuild stage before the 2022 season gets underway, and will seek to return to their early 2021 heights.

November 19th: QConfirm roster leaves organization

Two years after joining the organization, the QConfirm roster is now looking for new representation.

Since joining Qconfirm, the team won Season 11 of SEA's Pro League and finished the 2020 Season in seventh place out of APAC North's 12 teams. Most recently this year saw them finish each stage in fifth, third, and fifth place meaning the year ended with a 10-1-0-10 record in fifth overall, however, just one point shy of Chiefs in second-place.

Now as they look forward to the Six Invitational qualifiers, the QConfirm roster will likely be competing in the tournament under a new banner, with the replacement organization yet to be confirmed.

November 15th: SANDBOX Gaming coach OCN retires from competitive Siege

Just under a month after mantisFPS was signed by SANDBOX Gaming, and just four days after his team made it to the quarter-finals of the Six Sweden Major, OCN has announced his retirement.

SiegeGG was able to confirm the news with OCN himself after a one-word tweet the Korean released on Nov. 15. In his response, OCN also stated that he wants to "do what I want to do in the real world".

October 26th: Fnatic benches Stigs and Tex

"Tex" Thompson and Riley "Stigs" Mills have been benched by Fnatic after the end of a second successive disappointing season for the APAC North team.

Fnatic released the news on its Japanese Twitter account on Oct. 26, and stated that it will be "looking at new options for the starting line-up".

Check out our dedicated coverage of this change for more information.

October 22nd: SANDBOX Gaming signs mantis FPS

Two months after being dropped by the American organization of Cloud9, the top team in APAC North this stage, mantisFPS, has a new home in SANDBOX Gaming (SBXG).

Check out our dedicated coverage of this change for more information.

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