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Cheaters find the way to plant... and run away with the defuser

It's getting out of hand.

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Rainbow Six Siege gets better and better. However, while great progress is being made in multiple areas of the game, both for PC and console, there's still a big problem that worries the entire Siege community.

Unfortunately, cheaters are given free rein and have evolved their cheats to a point never seen before.

Here's what cheaters can do now in Rainbow Six Siege.

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New Rainbow Six Siege Cheat

We have seen it all in Rainbow Six Siege. Cheaters have shown us they can fly across the map, see players through walls, or even make random pictures pop up in the middle of the players' screens.

However, Siege's new cheat is mind blowing. Now, cheaters can run away with the defuser after planting.

Apparently, defenders can't know where the defuser moves to, so defusing it is impossible.

At the same time, it remains unclear what happens after killing the cheater. If the cheater dies, the defuser must drop on the floor. If that happens outside the Bombsite, the attackers likely lose the round as the defuser isn't on the Bombsite. This is the case when the attackers plant the defuser on a hatch that gets destroyed during the defuser process.

How to play against a cheater in Rainbow Six Siege?

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If you play against a cheater on Rainbow Six Siege, you will probably lose the match. However, if it's a Ranked game, you will get your ELO back later on.

Despite knowing that your ELO should be back eventually, here are some operators that you can use to stop a hacker in Rainbow Six Siege:

  • Frost: Using Frost is always a smart idea as you can down the cheater if you are lucky enough. Try to place the Frost traps under windows or in key spots.
  • Kapkan: Kapkan is another operator that you can use to stop cheaters. His traps can injure or even kill the cheater if he walks in the wrong door.
  • Montagne: While playing on attack, using Montagne can give information to your teammates. If you combine Montagne's shield with another operator, you may even kill the cheater. It's difficult, but this is better than nothing.

Other operators that you can use are Lesion and Clash on defense and Blackbeard on attack.

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