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Charlotte Major Key Takeaways: Day three

The group stage is now over.

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Photo via Ubisoft/Eric Ananmalay

The group stage of the Charlotte Major has come and gone. Let's talk about some of the results from the final day, and the week overall.

Winners and losers

Winners: NAL, again

North American teams secured the top seed in three of the four groups, and sent four teams to the playoffs – the most of any region.

Of course, there are asterisks to be mentioned. Three of the four Brazilian teams had to play on poor ping from Mexico. Elevate, arguably Oxygen’s biggest challenger in Group A, couldn’t come entirely.

Still, four teams to playoffs and three top seeds is a notable result, and indicative of the growing strength of NA.

Winners: Team oNe

They made the Major from Mexico, and now three members of their team are flying to Charlotte for the playoffs.

If there’s a team that’s synonymous with Cinderella runs at Majors, it’s Team oNe, and if there’s a player synonymous with leading young teams to excellence, it’s Lorenzo “Lagonis” Volpi. Can Team oNe make another miracle run? Time will tell, but for now, it’s great to see that at least a majority of the team can compete under fair conditions.

Losers: APAC

It’s not their fault. Their top team couldn’t attend because of vise issues, and they only managed one win on the final day of competition. However, due to circumstances outside of their control, this is one of APAC’s worst showings in terms of raw wins and losses. CAG once again didn't make it out of groups. Dire Wolves managed two points. Chiefs managed none.

Here’s to the next Major, which APAC fans hope will get better.

Loser: The United States visa application system

Let’s hope we never experience another group stage like this again.

Stats of the day

Chiefs had a ridiculous entry percentage for their amount of wins

Trent “Worthy” Mitchell-Rose and Ethan “Ethan” Picard both finished in the top-five statistical performers in terms of entry kills over the course of the tournament.

Chiefs might have been the best zero-point team Major team ever. They have nothing to be ashamed of in their play, even if they don’t have the results to back it up. Their mid-round movements clearly need to be cleaned up, but it’s not the end of the world for this roster.

Matches of the group stage

Both DarkZero v G2 matches

Do you want to see some absolute bangers? Mechanically skilled players swinging, tight rounds and neck and neck action? Check both of these matches, they were both incredible drama.

BDS v Wolves, day three

Ignore that it’s an inter-regional matchup. This match was a banger from start to finish, and had plenty of excellent play from both sides.

Liquid v XSET, day two

XSET would get their revenge a day later, but Liquid’s comeback in this match was one for the ages.

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