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Can Rainbow Six Siege run on a laptop?

Yes, but you need the right settings.

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Rainbow Six Siege is a very popular FPS with a big community behind it. As of now, you can play it on your computer or consoles such as PlayStation or Xbox One.

If you want to try out Rainbow Six Siege, you should play it on PC — the experience is better, especially because aiming is easier with a mouse and a keyboard. On PC, you can also lean without aiming, a movement that has never been introduced to consoles.

However, we understand that not everyone has a gaming PC. Before taking a decision, you should always look at your options.

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Can Rainbow Six Siege run on a laptop?

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Short answer, yes. Indeed, you can play Rainbow Six Siege on a laptop. However, it will always depend on the characteristics of the laptop. Don't expect an old laptop with misfunctionalities to run Rainbow Six Siege — or any game at all, probably.

Ubisoft has already given current and upcoming Rainbow Six Siege players a set of system requirements any computer should fulfill to successfully run the game.

If your laptop has what it takes, then you should be able to play the game.

If you still have problems while playing Rainbow Six Siege, it might be because your laptop may not be running on your dedicated GPU. Ubisoft has an article that focuses on this problem.

What operators should I unlock first on Rainbow Six Siege?

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If you are new to the game, this might be the first question that pops up in your mind. Unlocking operators is important, but deciding which one you'll take first is even more decisive.

On attack, you should quickly unlock an entry fragger (for example, Ash) and a hard breacher or support (for example, Thermite). Both operators offer different things, which means you will be in a better spot to help your teammates.

On defense, you should unlock a roamer (for example, Jäger) and an anchor (for example, Smoke). Again, both operators' tasks are completely different, but that will give you the chance to try out different roles. If you just unlock operators based on their guns, you will possibly always unlock entry fraggers or roamers.

If you want to become a real Rainbow Six Siege player you must try out first all the roles in the game!

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