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Brazil League Week 2 Key Takeaways: Black Dragons perfect start, Team Liquid between a rock and a hard place

The Brazil League group stage is about to end.

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This weekend, the best ten Brazilian teams competed in the second week of the Brazil League. Here's everything that happened!

Black Dragons' perfect weekend puts them on top of Group A

Black Dragons moved to the top of the standings of Group A after two 7-5 wins against FaZe Clan and LOS oNe. With a record of three regulation victories, the Brazilians are the only team in the region with nine points, one more than w7m esports, E1 Sports, and Ninjas in Pyjamas.

The team began the weekend with a narrow victory against LOS oNe on Skyscraper. Interestingly, the orange team was unstoppable in the early stages of the round as they secured 9 of the 12 entry frags of the match. However, their incapacity to close the rounds eventually killed their chances of winning the game.

The Year 8 rookies Roberto "Loira" Camargo and Vinicius "Stemp" Stempnhak were the best players of the match with SiegeGG ratings of 1.36 and 1.20. Although they got a combined KD of 23-12 (+11), the Brazilian duo went 0-5 (-5) in entries.

Surprisingly, the same happened against FaZe Clan, with the red roster securing 9 of the 12 entry kills in the match. Fortunately for Black Dragons, two clutches by Stemp were key to securing the three points. Eventually, the Brazilian finished the match with a SiegeGG rating of 1.73.

Despite Black Dragons' positive numbers, the team's entry numbers are concerning. As of now, the roster has a combined entry record of 9-22 (-13), a stat that hasn't stopped the roster from starting off the second split with three regulation victories.

Next week, Black Dragons will play against Ninjas in Pyjamas in a game that will decide Group A's first seed. The winner of the match will move to the Brazil League Deciders semifinals, while the loser will move to the quarterfinals.

Liquid between a rock and a hard place

After defeating MIBR last week, the Bulls played against Team Liquid and Keyd Stars in the second week of action.

On Saturday, w7m esports faced off against Team Liquid in a replay of the BLAST R6 Major Copenhagen grand final. Although the match was closer, the result was the same as the Bulls defeated the Blue Cavalry.

Luccas "Paluh" Molina kicked off the game with a 1v2 clutch on round one, which temporarily put Team Liquid ahead. However, w7m esports added four rounds to the scoreboard to give them a temporary 4-1 lead. Later on, their former teammate Gabriel "volpz" Fernandes got one back for Team Liquid as he got 4k on round six.

On defense, Team Liquid looked to be on the verge of making an impressive comeback as the Brazilians got four back-to-back rounds. With two attempts to get the three points, the Blue Cavalry was close to redemption.

Unfortunately for them, the Bulls ended up forcing overtime after two successful attacks and eventually won the match. With this result, it was inevitable for Team Liquid to head to Week 3 in fourth place as their game against MIBR on Sunday can only elevate them to third.

Despite E1 Sports' start to the stage, the BLAST R6 Major Copenhagen champions are the favorites to top the Group B standings. The match between both teams on Sunday will determine who moves to the semifinals of the Brazil League Deciders.

Netshoes Miners gets first win

Although Netshoes Miners can't qualify for the Brazil League Decider anymore, the team concluded its group stage participation with a 7-5 victory against LOS oNe.

It wasn't a bright start to the weekend for the roster as Ninjas in Pyjamas ran over them on Chalet with a 7-2 victory. The ninja Raul "kondz" Romão was the Brazilians' best player in the server with a SiegeGG rating of 1.60 and currently is the best-rated player in the league.

Just one day later, Netshoes Miners redeemed themselves against the orange roster, a result that the team needed after only winning four rounds out of a possible 25 throughout the team's first three matches of the split.

Despite Gabriel "Maia" Maia's performance, the orange roster couldn't defeat Netshoes Miners and currently sits at the bottom of Group A's standings with three regulation defeats. Next week, LOS oNe will play against FaZe Clan, who play for nothing as they can't reach Ninjas in Pyjamas' point tally.

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