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BR6 weekend preview: Do or die for NiP and 00 Nation, youth back to the spotlight

Do or die for NiP and 00 Nation, youth back to the spotlight

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After a week where the country’s youth made a huge statement, it is time for some of the big names to turn the tables — before it is too late.

Ninjas in Pyjamas vs 00 Nation - April 2nd, 2 PM BR (GMT -3)

Last year, a bad start in the Brasileirão wasn’t as lethal for the team’s Copa Elite Six (CES) hopes as nowadays.

Back then, the league gave CES’ invites to the best six rosters. Arguably, the difference between the teams at the top and those at the middle and bottom of the standings was way bigger.

However, Brazil’s previous format, which was subject to much criticism throughout the last two years, has gone through various tweaks. Now, only four teams are invited to the stage’s CES. Also, the competition seems to be tighter now with the introduction of three new maps and many new talented faces in the region.

So, within months, the Brasileirão has gone from a league where giants had the first word, to a competition where every match counts – regardless of the stage.

With the emerging talent having fit better than expected, and with two losses each, Ninjas in Pyjamas and 00 Nation clash in a match that could well decide both team’s most immediate futures.

Ninjas in Pyjamas' start to the competition was arguably the hardest possible, as the squad faced current Brasileirão champions Team Liquid and Six Invitational fourth placed roster MIBR. It didn’t go well for the ninjas, as the first match ended 1-7, while the second was a 4-7 loss.

Meanwhile, 00 Nation’s debut wasn’t as demanding as NiP’s. The team fell to Team oNe’s newest roster in overtime (7-8) just before abruptly losing to Sweden Major champions FaZe Clan (2-7). Keep in mind, 00 Nation’s players have been playing from their respective homes, as the team’s house isn’t ready yet.

FURIA Esports vs Team oNe – April 2nd, 4 PM BR (GMT -3)

This was one of last year’s most awaited matches, as the rivalry both in and off the server was thrilling – especially because of the friendship between Arthur “TchubZ” Fernandes and Marlon “Twister” Mello.

However, with both teams keeping a combined amount of only four players compared to last season, the storyline is different now, but highly exciting too.

This match will see a clash of talents, as Liga Six 2020’s KIDS TEAM duo of Diogo “Fntzy” Lima and Thiago “Handyy” Ferreira will face former Guidance Gaming player Gabriel “Maia” Maia. Back then, both rosters finished in the first two places of the competition.

Meanwhile, former Santos e-Sports duo Renato “rhZ” Luiz and Willian “StK” da Costa will meet for the first time since leaving the white and black team.

Overall, a match full of Brazilian history that brings us back to the professional beginnings of some of this year’s Brasileirão stars.

00 Nation vs FURIA Esports – April 3rd, 1 PM BR (GMT -3)

The previously mentioned rivalry between TchubZ and Twister has a new home, as TchubZ’s Team oNe was signed by 00 Nation just before the start of the season.

The match will take place on Sunday, and considering the teams’ current situation in the standings, we could be talking of an eventual CES-series point.

Despite the core having won the Mexico Major, and Thiago “xS3xyCake” Reis international experience, we are also looking at a really young roster with much to learn. As the team is expected to get better as time goes by and the players adapt to xS3xyCake as IGL, 00 Nation’s progression must be followed closely.

Meanwhile, the same can be said of FURIA Esports, a roster that got even younger with Handyy’s signing.

Team Liquid vs w7m esports – April 3rd, 3 PM BR (GMT -3)

Last but not least, we have Team Liquid against w7m esports. Last year, this match wouldn’t be appealing to a big part of the viewership, with Liquid being the clear favorites. However, w7m’s current roster impressed on the first weekend, as the squad defeated FURIA Esports and Sweden Major champions FaZe Clan.

Evidently, Team Liquid are the favorites to take the points, especially after last weekend’s showings where they defeated Ninjas in Pyjamas and Black Dragons. What’s clear is that tables have turned and w7m could be on the making of an upset – it’s up to them to show if the first week’s results were a mirage, or a reality.

Looking at the rest of matches, FaZe Clan’s weekend is also worth a shout out, as the Sweden Major champions will face Black Dragons and Team oNe. INTZ will face Ninjas in Pyjamas on Sunday in a game that could find both rosters with zero points still, and could be a Copa Elite Six Stage 1 killer.

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