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BR6 Stage 3 in review: Stats, accolades, and storylines

Here’s a look back at Stage 3 of the Brasileirão League.

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Stage 3 of the 2022 Brasileirão League just came to an end after four weeks of play with w7m esports, Team Liquid, FaZe Clan, and Black Dragons qualifying for next week’s Copa Elite Six.

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Here’s a quick look back at the stage, including some of the standout players, teams, and changes from Stage 2.

Top Performers

While SiegeGG doesn’t crown official MVPs for regional seasons, there are a number of top performers that stood out in Stage 3.

The most obvious pick is Paluh, the back-to-back reigning SiegeGG Player of the Year ended the stage with a 1.37 SiegeGG Rating, a 14-1 opening record, and 105 kills to 53 death -- just shy of a 2.00 kill-death ratio. Even for Paluh’s lofty standards, this is still a remarkable performance.

Despite this performance, Liquid only qualified for the CES due to a final play day 8-7 win over FaZe, which allowed them to make it in by round difference. If they had lost that final round, oNe would have qualified instead.

The only fragging statistic Paluh didn’t dominate was the clutch count, which FURIA’s handy led with seven to his name -- almost twice the next most in the league. This helped him have the second-highest SIegeGG Rating in the league, as he also had the third best kill differential this stage.

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Biggest Out and Underperformers

Performing well on a top team is impressive, but doing so on a struggling or less successful team is even better. When looking at players who clearly outperformed the rest of their team, there’s a number of other standouts.

Firstly, while the team finished in ninth place, a best individual performance from a support player can likely be credited to TropiCaos’ new pickup, kondz. While playing Thermite he had the most kills on his team with a plus 12 kill differential compared to their Ash player on minus 33. He also had the joint best opening differential on his team, and their highest KOST, all while getting down 11 plants, the second most in the league.

Team oNe’s Maia also had an excellent stage, supported by the team’s Lagonis replacement, L0BINN. His fragging wasn’t enough, though, as oNe fell a point short of a CES qualification.

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On the opposite end of the metric, the biggest statistical underperformer was Bassetto, as his 3-16 entry record translated to a 0.77 Rating. His work on Thermite undeniably helped BD make it to the CES, though, so he’ll still be happy with his work during this stage.

Resetz, meanwhile, continues his downward SiegeGG Rating trajectory from 1.08 to 0.93 and now a 0.87 in each respective stage this year. With just two more kills than Liquid’s hard-breach, planting, in-game-leader, Lagonis, he is definitely the statistical weak link on Liquid.

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Biggest Improvement

When looking at pure numbers, the biggest improvement has come from Team Liquid’s Paluh and AsK. Liquid missed out on the Berlin Major due to a number of weak early-stage performances, as the entire team saw notable drops in their SiegeGG Ratings. Now, they’ve bounced back to their usual high figures, once again led by Paluh.

Also noteworthy are nade and ion, two Black Dragons’ players whose drastic improvements can be thanked for Black Dragons’ top-four finish. For nade, this is simply a return to his Stage 1 performance, where he was the league’s second-best player. Then, BD missed out on the CES by a single head-to-head round, as they tied on points with FURIA. But this time in Stage 3, BD won fourth ahead of FURIA instead.

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Team wise, Paluh and AsK have understandably led Team Liquid to become the most improved roster by SiegeGG Rating, as their average figure rose from 0.97 to 1.06.

The highest average was, however, from w7m at 1.09 as they won the league.

Finally, FURIA had the fourth-best average SiegeGG Rating, but finished down in sixth place. Meanwhile, Ninjas in Pyjamas had the biggest fall from a 1.06 average SiegeGG Rating, the second-best in the league during Stage 2, down to 0.93, the third-worst in the league as they finished 10th.

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Biggest Drop

Looking near the bottom, four NiP players feature in the bottom 11 players when it comes to drops in SiegeGG Rating. The worst of these drops was Muzi’s, who dropped from a 1.17 Rating during Stage 2 to 0.89 in Stage 3. This is clearly a team-wide issue, though, and not one that can be fixed with a single good performance or with one more roster change.

Also of particular note is Fntzy, SiegeGG’s Rookie of the Year, who has dropped from a 1.19 Rating down to 0.92. This has effectively led to FURIA missing their first global tournament since joining the R6 esports scene in 2020. FURIA’s reliance on Fntzy could have been viewed as a crutch, so a minus eight kill differential will always hit the team hard no matter how well handy performs.

Finally, we have KDS. He was 00 Nation’s only bright spot during Stage 2 as he hit a 1.19 Rating compared to his next-best teammate at 0.96. This stage, he joined the pack as the entire team sat between 0.93 and 0.87.

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Best New Player

Out of the five player pickups during the August transfer window, the best one (statistically) was kondz joining TropiCaos. As mentioned previously, he seriously outperformed his teammates and was vital to some impressive wins across Stage 3 for his team.

L0BINN was also a notable addition, as he did well despite stepping into Lagonis’ shoes, an impossible spot to fill.

JULIO and Lagonis both had much lower ratings, but their skills cannot be measured as they are both in-game-leaders. Both w7m and Liquid made it to the Major, and it’s the team’s performance there and at the Six Invitational where their worth might be measured.

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BR6 Play of the Stage

BR6 Stage 3 saw just two aces take place. One by w7m’s Kheyze on Jager, against 00 Nation, and one by FURIA’s Fntzy on Kaid against Team Liquid. Unfortunately, not a single kill from Fntzy’s point of view was caught:

The biggest clutches, meanwhile, were 1v3. While impressive, they either saw the victor be in a very beneficial position, such as shooting defenders in a post-plant position, or saw all the kills come from the same position as players walked into the same line of fire.


Finally, the BR6 League had a 55.31 percent defense-sided win rate, up from 51.82 percent during Stage 2.

Notably, every single map saw a greater success rate by the defence with Skyscraper and Bank being the most attacker sided at a 49 percent win rate. During Stage 2, four of the nine maps had an attacker bias.

The most defender sided map was Oregon at 64 percent and Club House at 60 percent. The latter is also the map with the biggest overall change, as the 60 percent is an increase from 39 percent in the last stage.

Finally, Kafe saw a 273 percent rise in picks with 82 rounds played, compared to 22 last stage. Four maps in total more than doubled their play rate this stage, while Villa dropped from the second most-played to the least-played map with just 26 rounds. Villa’s Living Room site was also the only site in the pool not played in Stage 3.

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