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Black Ops 3 Zombies modders recreate Destiny 1 Tower with subclasses, exotics, and more

Fancy a match of COD and Destiny at the same time?

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It's no surprise that Destiny 2 players often find themselves enjoying other first-person shooters like Call of Duty, but one dedicated fan found a way to merge both games into one with a new Black Ops 3 Zombies custom map that sees the iconic Destiny 1 Tower make its debut in a whole different game.

The creator of this unique crossover, EasySkanka, revealed in 2023 that this was set to be a massive project, as he not only wanted to recreate the aesthetics of Destiny but also the gameplay, as it features NPCs from the Destiny universe as well as weaponry that includes legendary and exotic weapons.

According to The Game Post, some of the weapons included are SMGs like Submission and The Immortal, shotguns like Perfect Paradox, and exotic weapons such as Le Monarque, Rat King, Hereafter, and more. These exotics can only be purchased from Xur after every wave, similar to how he works in the actual Destiny 2, he'll spawn at different locales within The Tower.

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The creators went above and beyond with this recreation as it's not only the looks but functionality of the weapons that have been brought to life, with many Destiny 2 perks coming into play in Call of Duty Zombies, making it a more immersive and overall fun experience if you're versed enough in the world of Bungie's looter shooter.

If you're not a fan of the original Destiny Tower, you might be happy to hear that Felwinter's Peak is also explorable in this mode. The locale has been surprisingly absent from Destiny 2 barring a quick appearance during Season of the Seraph, so seeing it back, even if it's in another game, will be a welcomed surprise for long-time Destiny fans.

The mode can be installed via the Steam Workshop Community page as it was recently released as a beta on May 2. If you are just patiently waiting for the release of The Final Shape and skipping what Into the Light is offering, this is a perfect way to fill up the time.

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