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Apollo Casino & Resort Map - All You Need to Know

Here's all you need to know about the Apollo Casino and Resort Map!

Apollo Casino & Resort Map

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six is a game that continues to entertain us for many years. This is thanks to the many installments that have come out since 1998. Many believe that they came out rather slowly, but they forget all about it when they start playing it.

However, the actual games aren’t the only ones that keep our excitement on a higher level. Here we mean the thrilling maps that provide a much more entertaining experience.

Rainbow Six Extraction, the last edition of the franchise, features some truly amazing maps. Among them, we will mention the Apollo Casino & Resort, which is unlike any other. Below we will describe it thoroughly so you know what to expect from it.

What Does the Apollo Casino & Resort Map Offer?

The Apollo Casino & Resort is an intriguing Rainbow Six Extraction map that is unique in many ways. According to the description of the creators, the Apollo Resort was one of the first legal casinos in California. However, everything went sideways when the Parasite arrived on the gaming floor.

You can find this establishment in the San Francisco region of the game. It is actually the last level of this region, which many believe to be the best of them all.

The map consists of three zones, the Top Zone, Casino, and Security & Vault. You will find enemies throughout the whole map, almost instantly as you access the halls leading to the casino.

If you like a map that comes with many details, then Apollo Casino & Resort is the one for you. Here, you will find a wide variety of objects and visuals such as a DJ set, documents on walls, bodies in bags, all kinds of alien specimens, and much more.

Every turn you make and each room you enter you will discover something new. This is something that will keep on surprising you until the end of the map.

Objectives in Apollo Casino & Resort

The Apollo Casino & Resort map comes with several objectives. One of them is Decontamination, which requires destroying Aberrant Nests. They are located in the sub-zones and your job is to destroy all of them. If you finish the mission in time, then you will earn 1,000 XP.

Next up, we have the Rescue mission, where the priority is getting the MIA Operator out. You start from the Casino zone and you must work your way through the Security & Vault zone and reach the Top Zone.

When you reach this point on the map, you will find the extraction zone. When you complete this mission, you will collect 1,500 XP.

Then, there is the Nest Tracking objective. To complete this one, you will need to see where all the Nests are located. Then, you must plant trackers in each of them in order to get 2,000 XP.

Apart from these 3 objectives, this map may also offer some other missions. They may be required to defend explosive charges, carry explosives to target, capture the elite target, capture a series of areas, and defeat an elite target.

How to Approach the Apollo Casino & Resort Map

We recommend you take this map very slowly. Start off by eliminating as many Nests as possible before you go on and try to complete the mission. Examine every corner just to make sure that you don't run into a foe before you are truly ready.

It is surely a map that requires a lot of focus and as little panicking as possible. You may want to employ REACT detection tools such as the Recon Drone. They are super useful for this kind of activity.

Because of the small spaces in this map, it is very easy to alert multiple enemies at once. If you don’t remove enough Nests, then you surely risk your survival and the success of your missions.

Additionally, inform yourself about the extra objectives in Rainbow Six Extraction before starting the game. All of them are usually regarding the way you eliminate your enemies.

They show you what weapons to use when you kill them. So it is important to check these objectives before you decide which weapons to pick for the map.

The San Francisco Region

As mentioned earlier, this map is part of the game’s San Francisco region. In case you don’t know, it is the second region in Rainbow Six Extraction. It has a default Threat Level of “Cautious” and you can unlock it by reaching Progression Level 4.

The Hot Zones of the San Francisco region feature three maps. One of them is of course the Apollo Casino & Resort. The other two are the Tenderloin and the Enterprise Space Foundation.

All three maps are actually the smallest in the whole game. This means that it offers you your first real challenge before you continue forward.

Earlier we mentioned that the Apollo Casino & Resort is actually the last map in the San Francisco region. Now, you begin your gaming journey in this region with the Tenderloin. This map also features three zones such as UFO Museum, Punk Club, and Tenderloin Alley.

Next, up is the Enterprise Space Foundation. This map also comes with three zones, which are the Hangar 1, Corporate Offices, and Workshop.

When you analyze the three maps in this region, you will notice several similarities. But, when it comes to overall entertainment and player engagement, the Apollo Casino & Resort comes on top.


This Rainbow Six Extraction map isn't large in diameter but provides a unique gaming experience. The thrill and excitement are there right from the beginning and they last up until you complete the map.

The Threat Level is “Cautious”, but it can be much more challenging if you approach it with less focus. You will surely love all the details that the creators decided to include in the Apollo Casino & Resort map.

If you like to challenge yourself with a super engaging map, then we recommend you give this map a try. It will surely provide you with an unforgettable gaming experience.

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