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Apex Legends Shadow Society Event: New limited-time mode Lockdown, Cobalt Katar, legend tweaks, and more!

Here's everything you need to know about the upcoming Apex Legends patch.

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Apex Legends Shadow Society Event is just around the corner. Coming with many legend updates and tweaks to the game, EA's upcoming patch will change how Apex Legends feels.

Here's everything you need to know about Apex Legends Shadow Society Event!

New limited-time game mode called Lockdown

Lockdown is Apex Legends' newest game mode. It will follow a four-squad free-for-all battle format, and it'll be played on Thunderdome, Skulltown, Zeus Station, and Monument.

In this game mode, players will have to secure the Capture Zones. At the start of the game, players will only have access to TDM loadouts. The first team to gather 500 Points wins.

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Additionally, the Shadow Society Event will include 36 different cosmetics that players can grab by purchasing the event packs.

While most of the cosmetics included in the event look fire, the Cobalt Katar is the crown jewel.

Cobalt Katar

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Apex Legends are introducing Apex Artifacts, defined as an "all-new universal Mythic Melee cosmetic that can be wielded by any Legend."

Unfortunately, players can't directly purchase the Cobalt Katar, as it is part of the Shadow Society Event Packs.

Reward Shop

Apex Legends are introducing the Reward Shop, a place to unlock cosmetics with Reputation, which can be earned by completing the weekly challenges. There, players will be able to grab themselves any kind of cosmetic, including Packs.

Updates to Legends

This patch includes a handful of updates to some Legends in the game:


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Is this a buff or a nerf? Lifeline's changes have left the community a bit shocked. Here's what's changing:

  • Upgrades to Level 2 include removing Tactical Cooldown+ and adding a new Tactical Cooldown++, which will reduce her Tactical Cooldown by 25 seconds.
  • Upgrades to Level 3 include the removal of her Gift Wrapped and a new gold-plated version, which also contains "1 Shield Battery, 1 Medkit, and either a Phoenix Kit or a Mobile Respawn Beacon."


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Ballistic's loadout is changing... for the better? Here's what EA has tweaked:

  • Ammuvision has been removed.
  • Lasting Bullet has been moved to Level 2.
  • New Speedy Whistler.


Bangalore is also going through some changes. Here's everything you need to know about the tweaks coming to her kit:

  • Rolling Thunder's cooldown has been increased from 4 to 4.5 seconds
  • Changes to her Smoke Launcher, including an increase to its cooldown (from 33 to 35 seconds), smoke duration increase (11 to 18 seconds)
  • Upgrades Level 2: Her Big Bang has been removed, and her Tactical Cooldown has been reduced by five seconds
  • Upgrades Level 3: Changes to Cover Me and to Refuge


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EA has decided to tweak Bloodhound with a series of changes made to his abilities, including the following ones:

  • Odin's Glare has been moved to Level 2
  • Tactical Cooldown has been moved to Level 3


Conduit's Radiant Transfer has gone through some changes. Starting with this patch, its cooldown has been increased from 26 to 31 seconds. Additionally, the Regen Interruption delay time has been increased to 2 seconds.

Fuse and Octane

Fuse and Octane's Wreckless explosive damage has been reduced by 50% from the previous 25%.


Pathfinder's Zipline Zen has changed, as its damage reduction has been increased from 25 to 50%.


We're sorry for you Revenant mains, but it was the time for a nerf. Revenant's Forged in Shadows has gone through some changes:

  • Knocks won't longer refresh the Tactical during Ultimate
  • The Tactical Cooldown won't be shortened during Ultimate
  • The Ultimate Cooldown has been increased by 60 seconds

Additionally, Revenant is going through the following upgrades:

  • Agile Assassin has been removed
  • Tactical Cooldown moved to Level 3
  • Ultimate Cooldown to reduce Ult. Cooldown by 30 seconds


Seer's focus of attention's decreased activation delay is going from 1.4 to 1.2 seconds. Additionally, Seer will be getting the following upgrades:

  • Artist's Reach moved to Level 2
  • Long View moved to Level 3
  • Racing Hearts have been removed and integrated into the base Tactical


Wraith is going through some upgrades, including:

  • Tactical Cooldown moved to Level 3
  • Ultimate Cooldown moved to Level 2

Map changes

EA has included different map rotations:

  • Pubs: Storm Point, Olympus, and Broken Moon
  • Ranked: Storm Point, Olympus, and World's Edge
  • Mixtape: Control (Barometer, Production Yard, and Thunderdome), Gun Run (Monument, Skulltown, Thunderdome), and TDM (Monument, Thunderdome, and Zeus Station)

Check EA's official blog post for more information about bug fixes, mode changes, and world systems!

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