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Apex Legends Lifeline reborn: Everything we know about the legend's rework

The healing legend might receive an overhaul soon

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Even though we still don't have an official announcement, all rumors indicate that Lifeline is the next legend that will receive the "reborn" treatment in Apex Legends.

An overhaul for the support character has been rumored for quite a while and it seems like it will arrive with the upcoming season. Here is everything we know about it while we wait for more information.

Release date

With the Lifeline prestige skin having arrived into the game with the first collection event of Season 21, the community believes her rework will come out in Season 22.

If this turns out to be true, Lifeline reborn is set to be released on Tuesday, August 6, when the new season begins.

Leakers have pointed out that the next new legend, codenamed Artemis, is arriving next since placeholders for their cosmetics were added to the game after the launch of Season 21.

Respawn won't add a new character back to back, so the consensus is that Season 22 will be dedicated to Lifeline's rework while Artemis is set to be released in Season 23.

New abilities

Here are the rumored new abilities for Lifeline reborn along with their descriptions as leaked by KralRindo:

  • Combat Revive (Passive): Same current passive + she can glide in the air for 1.5 seconds by holding on her doc drone, time can be extended with evo.
  • D.O.C heal drone (Tactical): It's the same current tactical but it can follow you and your teammates, you can command doc and it has physics just like in season 3.
  • Shockbot 3000 (Ultimate): Place a destructible bot that forcefully ejects enemies from the area Bot can be destroyed, bullets can pass tru but enemies can't get inside.
  • Support class passive: Throw healing items as grenades to heal other players (This is for all support legends).

Once we know more about this upcoming rework for the legend, we will update the article with all the missing information to keep you informed.

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