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“All the Major, we didn’t find the things that we were doing online”: BiBooAF laments Wolves’ quarter-final exit

Wolves Esports are out of the Berlin Major.

Image: Ubisoft/Michal Konkol

After an intense game, Europe’s top-seeded team in Berlin has fallen against North America’s remaining hope, XSET.

Wolves Esports couldn’t defeat the Brazilian-majority roster on any of the maps of the series, losing on both Club and Chalet.

In a post-match interview with SiegeGG, Bastien “BiBooAF” Dulac explained the issues behind his team’s loss.

“I think during all the Major we didn’t find our perfect form, we had some issues on communication, trying to apply the basics, to play as we did in the EUL, that’s maybe what we missed today,” he said.

Wolves finished in second place in what looked to be one of the most demanding groups at the Major, facing two of the best teams in the world in Oxygen Esports and w7m esports.

But that experience wasn’t enough. According to the Wolves captain, the quarter-final game was “close” but XSET managed “to have good rounds, and the good momentum to close the two maps.”

On Clubhouse, Wolves took the lead with a flawless round and were 5-4 up after the ninth round. However, XSET stormed back to win the following three rounds and were one map away from the semi-final.

Chalet, however, was a lot more one-sided. BiBooAF admitted that his team had been caught unprepared, as they “didn’t expect (XSET) to pick Chalet”. Despite the surprise the pick caused to the French squad, the player revealed they “were happy” at first as Chalet was seen as a “strong map” for Wolves.

“They played well but at the same time all the Major we didn’t find the things we were doing online, that’s what we need to fix for the next Major,” said BiBooAF.

Overall, BiBooAF thinks that XSET “played well their basics” while Wolves couldn’t “adapt enough.” 

Europe’s last hope of lifting an international major event since the Tokoname Pro League S10 Finals will thus lie solely with the winner between Rogue and G2 Esports’ quarter-final.