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All of SiegeGG’s Six Charlotte Major coverage in one place

As the Charlotte Major is underway, here’s a roundup of all SiegeGG’s event coverage released so far.

The first Six Major in 2022 has kicked off in Charlotte, North Carolina where 16 teams will battle to be crowned Siege's next champions.

Both before and during the event SiegeGG will be busy interviewing the teams, covering the breaking changes, and giving further insight into the action taking place across this tournament. For a full rundown on all our released coverage check out below:

Breaking News

A number of key stories rose around the Six Invitational in the last few weeks:

Everything we know about the Charlotte Major
Next Rainbow Six Siege season to be called 'Operation Vector Glare'
Elevate will not compete at Charlotte Major after visa application denied
FURIA, w7m, Team oNe unable to secure US visas in time for Charlotte Major, will play from México City
Wolves Esports sign LFO days ahead of the Charlotte Major
DWG KIA signs former T1 player PJH as coach

SiegeGG Live: NA on top, LATAM ping drama!

Day 3

Charlotte Major playoffs bracket revealed
Charlotte Major Key Takeaways: Day three
How each team can qualify for the Charlotte Major playoffs
Three members of Team oNe to compete from Charlotte for playoffs
“We are playing for them if they can’t move forward in the competition”: Team Liquid reflects on Brazil’s situation, can clinch a playoff spot by defeating XSET
"It's just another game": Confidence, trades, and effective timeouts key to Astralis's group-topping performance
"[The Major is] just another way to improve the team": Chiefs chalking Charlotte up to valuable international experience

Day 2

Charlotte Major Group Stage Key Takeaways: Day two
Update: Decision to play Charlotte/Mexico matches online reversed, all matches to be played on previous day's build
“The mistakes we are making now are really simple, it’s fixable for tomorrow,”: XSET in a do-or-die situation after sloppy start
With first-LAN 'jitters' out of the way, G2 looks to continue improving
"I think it depends how we come back from [the Major]": Dire Wolves focused on learning from international debut
Underdogs CAG struck hard on day one - but can they retain their momentum?

Day 1

Charlotte Major Group Stage Key Takeaways: Day one
Ping issue in the spotlight after first Brazilian performances from Mexico
DarkZero continue overtime ways, but no "slow start" on day one of Charlotte Major
Oxygen Esports delighted after positive start, but hesitate to rely on clutches to win games
Wolves notch four points on strong first day
"We have nothing to lose here": BDS maintaining mantra ahead of Charlotte group stage
"It’s time to step up and do the job": MrOfficer details pre-Major 'mentality meeting' that put Heroic back on track

SiegeGG Live: Charlotte Major Preview

Pre-Event Interviews & Breakdowns

Before the tournament began, we also interviewed many of the teams taking part:

"[I]t opens up a whole new part of the game": Iconic, Astralis taking aggressive new meta plays to Charlotte
'Confidence on entry is more important than aim, mechanics': Nuers, Oxygen prepared to take high-octane Siege to Charlotte
'I think it’s the way we do things': Regionally-consistent DarkZero still searching for international title
"You need to be like a big chameleon": Budega describes "action style" and XSET's future beyond Charlotte

“We are prepared, we are going to do anything we can”: Paluh on expectations, Liquid’s adaptation throughout the stage
“Going through these high-pressure situations was really good for us”: Igoorctg on w7m evolution throughout the stage, rookie’s evolution and experiences
“The Brazilian teams are coming strong for this tournament”: Maia on rookie’s pressure, adaptation in Brazil’s top-flight
“Without [the changes] we wouldn’t have moved forward”: FURIA’s consistency prevails despite deep roster moves

"We’ve proven to ourselves that we are capable of winning": Sloth, Heroic ready for next level of competition in Charlotte
“We are still adapting to the play style we want to play”: Alem4o on G2 super team’s building and Charlotte
'It was tough the whole stage, you don’t know if you’re going to get to play a second one': Lyloun, [Wolves] entering Major with 'house money'

"I take everything as a profit after we qualif[ied] for the playoff": Changed Elevate looking to carry SI momentum into Charlotte
With their experience and newfound "patience", can CAG "keep punching [the playoffs] wall until it breaks"?
Dire Wolves have climbed steadily from near-relegation to Major qualification; a stress-free attitude to competition seems to be the key
“Our whole goal this [stage] wasn’t necessarily to go to the Major”: Can Chiefs beat expectations again in Charlotte?

Pre-Event Analysis

Finally, we took a deeper look into the upcoming games:

A 1,000 days after Europe’s last Major win, we’re back in North Carolina. But is EU back?
Breaking down: Where is the G2 super-team struggling?
Meet the international competition first-timers attending the Charlotte Major
Siege milestones up for grabs at the Charlotte Major
Charlotte Major Group A: By The Numbers
Charlotte Major Group B: By The Numbers
Charlotte Major Group C: By The Numbers
Charlotte Major Group D: By The Numbers