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Season 9 NA Midseason Stats - Rundown

With the release of the full North American player statistics, let's look at some of the standout players and key changes from last Season from these stats.

As we do every three months, we compiled our individual game day statistics to form a combined set of stats for the entire half-season now including our newly improved rating system:

The mid-Season 9 North American Pro League statistics

Evil Geniuses

Evil Geniuses' mid-Season 9 statistics

With geoometrics joining the roster at the mid-Season of Season 8 he became a breakout hit becoming the top fragger in North America during the 7 play day online Season, however, so far in Season 9 this fragging power has definitely died down. While he still sits as with a notable 1.33KD this is down to 11th in NA compared to his 2.03KD during the last 3 month period.

Despite this drop it seemed to have led to a better overall team, EG has clearly adapted to this more aggressive meta with the lowest KD (in the starting roster) being Geoo and Necrox’s 1.33 compared with the previous season when the only starting player above 1.33 was Geo himself. The roster is much less top heavy which, while hurting Geoo’s individual stat line, is a much more promising look for the team especially within a meta they’re notoriously bad at (looking at their losses to Fnatic and Disrupt Gaming).

Probably most notable is Yung who simultaneously got a KD inline with the top in his team while also being the team’s primary planter. Stats wise he has some of the very best of any support player in the World, something which after somewhat weaker Season 8 would be very welcome to the EG fans and players.

DarkZero Esports

DarkZero Esports' mid-Season 9 statistics

The one player which stands out from this roster is clearly Pojoman; while his -20 kill/death spread was somewhat cancelled out by the ten plants this still puts him with the lowest rating of the top half of the standings. This situation is not something unfamiliar to Pojoman with the lowest frag count and the highest number of plants on the team since at least a Season now, however, this is the biggest dip we’ve seen so far in KD spread.

Another interesting statistic comes with Nyx, one of the star fraggers on the team, who shows his worth in his opening kills/opening deaths ratio of 14/7, the second largest ratio in North America. Up from a 0.93 Rating at the beginning of Season 8, Nyx has just been getting better Season on Season however the fact that a Lesion-main is taking so many of the opening gunfights is a questionable decision, to say the least.

Team Reciprocity

Team Reciprocity's mid-Season 9 statistics

Compared to Cloud9 last Season this team composition is better both in the standings and statistically. Despite the whole team showing their capabilities at DreamHack Montreal, FoxA carried the team frag-wise for the most of Season 8 with a KD of 1.41 and the second-best rating in North America. Now, however, the rest of his team has picked up as to create, just like Evil Geniuses, a much more all-rounded team with all the players holding their own. The only player without a standout KD is MarkTheShark however, considering he has taken over from Goddess’ planting role, the 1+ KD and joints third best survival rate is still something to commend.

Considering these high KDs that come with the known fragging power of Skys, LaXInG, MarkTheShark and FoxA perhaps the most notable piece of information in their stat-lines is the lack of a Jager or Ash main - the only team in NA to lack one. While this is likely due to them sharing the roles, it is nice to see this as a clear change to the weekly top players' statistics which see a very large number of the top players playing these two operators.

The statistics of the top players during Week three of four during Season 9 showing three Ash/Jager players


Rogue's mid-Season 9 statistics

The curious thing about Rogue’s statistics is how similar they are, overall, to their previous Season’s stats, however, despite this, they now slip down to fourth place in North America, a huge eight points off of the league leaders of Evil Geniuses. The one clear difference is VertcL’s addition to the roster, he’s entered the side and has immediately gone to the top with a rating a whole 0.24 ahead of Rogue’s previous player, supr. While good this is exactly why they brought him in as his current stats are remarkably similar to that of his during Season 8 play day 1-7 while on mousesports:

At the top is Season 9 playdays 1-7, at the bottom is Season 8 play days 1-7

The biggest change in individual stats come from Shuttle who was the top player last Season but has dropped down partially due to a less than stellar OK/OD ratio of 4/10 compared to 11/6 last Season - a Jager main dying first so often is likely really hurting the team.

Spacestation Gaming

Spacestation Gaming's mid-Season 9 statistics

ThinkingNade’s -26 KD spread is the thing you immediately notice about SSG as it sits as the joint lowest in NA something which is fairly unusual for him as he, in fact, sat as SSG’s MVP in their promising US Nationals 2018 run. Now, not only is he dying more often than his teammates but he’s dying first more often with a 4/12 OK/OD - this isn’t just bad but a straight disaster for a Buck/Smoke main, two operators who need to be surviving till later on in the round and bring large amounts of utility.

Another big change comes with Chala who now has enough plants to rival Goga at 13 with him taking this role off of Redeemer. Despite this Redeemer has a lower KD than any previous Seasons or Chala this Season meaning this freedom to act during the late round doesn’t seem to be working out too well for the roster.

Excelerate Gaming

Excelerate Gaming's mid-Season 9 statistics

Statistically Achieved is the best fragger in North America this Season with the only KPR above one, the highest KD and biggest KD spread all while playing traditionally support operators. This is quite remarkable for a player who was stuck in the Challenger League for the entirety of Years 2 and 3 and has only just broken into the Pro League. Also quite notably for Achieved is his OK and OD numbers as he has been involved in 40% of initial engagements, a statistic no one else can match in the region despite him not being particularly successful in winning those fights.

Due to Excelerate being a new team into the Pro League, they lack as comprehensive statistics as other teams from previous seasons however we do have limited statistics from Shlongii who has practically reversed his roles to very mixed results. While he was Cloud9’s resident Montagne main a Season ago he’s now playing primarily Ash, the completely opposite operator. This has led to the best OK/OD ration in NA but also a fairly weak overall KD spread, something which an Ash main should be really succeeding in.

Shlongii’s statistics while on Cloud9


OrgLess' Mid-Season 9 Stats

Talking about disappointing Jager mains, the recently kicked player of MahMan with a 0.57KD ratio is quite a site to see, however, interestingly, matches up with Yeti’s KD of 0.56 at the US Nationals when he was main-ing Ash as MahMan wasn’t in attendance - Jagers really seem to struggle on this roster

The new addition of Bryan also seems to be an interesting case as his 0.94 rating is significantly better than the last half Seasons on Spacestation as 0.74 but still down on 1.09 he saw at the beginning of Season 8 on Rogue. Other than his team the biggest difference that led to this improvement seems to be that he’s back on a support role rather than the fragging role Spacestation tried to force him into - he played Thermite/Smoke on OrgLess and Thatcher/Smoke on Rogue but Zofia/Jager on Spacestation, a role he obviously was unfit for.

Bryan’s statistics in Rogue during Season 8, then Spacestation Season 8 and then OrgLess Season 9

Rise Nation

Rise Nation's mid-Season9 statistics

As with any team sitting with three points in seven games, there’s very little good to talk about within Rise’s statistics with the exception of Hyper who, with a 0.97 KPR, the second best in the region, can at least consistently get a kill. Hyper’s successes, however, can’t outweigh a multitude of issues throughout the rest of the roster, most notably England dropping from a +4 to -23 KD spread and GhxsT with a 1-13 OK/OD. Rise is severely missing their former coach, morxzas, and will need dramatic changes in the upcoming transfer period if they wish to improve at all let alone escape the relegation zone.

The NA standings after seven play days



So that's the mid-Season statistics for Season 9 of the Pro League in NA! Keep an eye out for the remaining regions stats over the coming days and of course, complete statistical coverage over next week’s Six Invitational 2019.

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