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EU Transfer Updates - Season 9 Mid-Season

LATEST - BakaBryan confirms no Natus Vincere contract.

As SiegeGG’s hub for all roster changes in the mid-season for Season 9 of the European Pro League, this page will be regularly updated with the latest transfer news. Check back here to keep up to date with all upcoming changes and you can check the NA, LATAM and APAC for all other changes since the end of the first half of Season 9.

Summary of Changes So Far

Team Secret - Lacky benched, then leaves, Fonkers joins

G2 Esports - Sua joins as analyst, Ferral leaves

ENCE eSports - Roster bought out by mousesports

Mock-it Esports - Natus Vincere acquires roster, Reaper and Vale leaves, Lazzo moves to core roster, BakaBryan leaves

Roster Changes

Mar 8th: BakaBryan Confirms No Na'Vi Contract

Bryan "BakaBryan" Tester has now publicly confirmed on Twitter that he had not signed with Natus Vincere as a substitute or otherwise after the Mock-it Esports roster was bought out by the Ukrainian organisation. According to sources, he had not even been part of contract negotiations during the buyout.

Having played with the team for the first time in Season 8, he was instrumental in the team's recovery after the first half to guide them to the Pro League Finals in Rio de Janeiro. He also was part of the team when they finished second to PENTA Sports at Castle Siege 2018. Unfortunately for him, he was shifted to a substitute position after the team's quarter-final exit at DreamHack Winter at the hands of Spacestation Gaming, preceded by the quarter-final loss to FaZe Clan in Rio.

Now, citing "a difference in opinions with the other members", he has announced that he had not signed with Na'Vi. He is also "not giving up on the competitive scene", and will now be looking for a team either in the Challenger League or in the Pro League.

Mar 2nd: Vale Leaves Na'Vi, Lazzo Moves to Core Position

Natus Vincere has announced their final roster change for this transfer window, with Tom "Vale" Riedel leaving the team. Filling in his spot on the core roster will be the team's coach, Lasse "Lazzo" Klie. As such, the team now lacks both a coach and an analyst after Reaper left together with the Na'Vi acquisition.

Vale had been on the team for the entirety of his playing career so far, debuting with the then-myRevenge roster in Season 5 in the Challenger League. A promotion to the Pro League soon followed, with the organisation changing to Mysterious Monkeys. Surviving the relegations in Season 6, Vale then made it as far as the Six Invitational and Six Major Paris in 2018, though he served a brief sojourn as a substitute for two months.

Vale will now be looking for a new team, while Na'Vi is sure to be on the search for both a coach and possibly an analyst as well.

Feb 28th: Fonkers Joins Team Secret

Coming in as a relatively inexperienced choice to replace the long-time member of the Team Secret roster, Lacky, is the Finnish player of Fonkers, best known for his time on MnM Gaming.

Fonkers played on MnM’s Benelux roster alongside players such as Craxan and Kabouter during Season 2 of the Benelux League. followed by an appearance at DreamHack Winter on a modified MnM roster with Doki and the rest of the current MnM lineup. 

He now joins what was a very promising Team Secret roster last season which currently sits in the last place so far in Season 9. They will likely be hoping Fonker’s sheer fragging ability will help them counter the aggressive meta that has developed in the Pro League and lead them to a better position in the second half of the season.

Feb 25th: Na'Vi Acquires Mock-it Roster, Reaper Leaves

The German majority roster of Mock-it Esports has been acquired by the massive CIS (Eastern European) organisation of Natus Vincere, after a disappointing Six Invitational performance.

Na’Vi is best known for their Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) roster which was the first one in the history of the game to win three major tournaments in one calendar year back in 2010 as well as having a significant history in Dota 2, in which they achieved three back-to-back grand-final appearances in the premier esports event, The International, from 2011 to 2013.

Na'Vi now takes a step into R6S with the acquisition of what was a promising lineup last season currently placed in the seventh position in the Pro League. Despite this, the Na'Vi org clearly has a lot of faith in the Mock-it lineup as this deal was apparently one of the largest deals in Rainbow Six history. 

Not going with the Mock-it lineup, however, is their analyst, Reaper, due to what he says are "differences regarding work ethic and attitude towards improving". No replacement has been announced yet but in the Na'Vi announcement, it was stated that "the final NAVI roster of Rainbow Six will be revealed before the transfer window closes" implying roster changes are incoming.

Feb 13th: mousesports Acquires ENCE Roster, oVie Joins as Coach

The ENCE eSports roster consisting of, Willkey, SlebbeN, Bounssi, Gomfi, and Sha77e has been acquired by German organisation mousesports. Joining the team in a coaching role will also be ex-PENTA Sports player and Trust Gaming coach, oVie.

With Willkey and Bounssi the oldest members on the team since Season 1, they had played under the name of GiFU eSports until their team's signing by ENCE eSports in the July of 2017.

Just a few days ago, it had been announced that their coach Sua had departed for G2 Esports, and fans of the roster will be happy to note that an immediate replacement was lined up and waiting in the form of a very experienced oVie who won the very first Pro League season with PENTA Sports.

The ENCE eSports roster had some troubles recently, being relegated in Season 7 right off the back of their Season 6 Pro League victory. However, since then they have shaken things up with their roster and made a triumphant comeback to the Pro League in Season 9 and find themselves in fifth place -- above G2 Esports, Mock-it Esports, and Team Secret.

The organisation of mousesports, on the other hand, was involved in the North American Pro League most recently, having had the now-Rise Nation roster play for them in Season 7 and 8. However, they had parted ways prior to Season 9 starting, putting the team's in-game skins and uniform participation in question. Now, with the signing of ENCE's roster, Rainbow Six regains another top-tier organisation.

Feb 6th: Sua Joins G2 Esports as Analyst, Ferral Leaves

Kevin "Sua" Stahnke has joined G2 Esports as their analyst just under a week prior to the Six Invitational 2019. The news was hardly kept under wraps, with Sua changing both his Twitter and Uplay usernames to G2_Sua (or a variant) a fair few days before, but it is finally official.

This would make G2 Esports have one coach, and two analysts -- Shas, Ferral, and now Sua -- and so it has been confirmed that Sua will be replacing Ferral directly. With Ferral having previously been on Team Secret when they were known as I Don't Know, and him having harboured ambitions of going pro as a player, it is entirely possible that he may be returning to his old team, but this time to replace Lacky.

Feb 5th: Team Secret Benches Lacky

Ryan "Lacky" Stapley has been benched from the British majority roster of Team Secret after a very disappointing first half to the Pro League Season for the roster. Lacky has played alongside meepeY since December 2016 in which time he has won DreamHack Valencia, finished third at the Six Major in Paris and, most recently, was crowned champions of the UK and Ireland last December.

He now steps down to the substitute position and is "looking to pursue opportunities elsewhere" after a disastrous few weeks which sees them end the half Season in eighth place in the Pro League with just three points. Team Secret's next game will be tomorrow in the ESL Premiership against Flylo where we may see the debut of his replacement on the starting roster.


This article will be updated with changes as they happen, check back here or keep track of updates from SiegeGG’s Twitter account.