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CCS Season 4 Schedule Unveiled!

After delaying the Season for January the updated schedule for NA and EU CCS Season 4 has now been released.

Due to there being an unprecedented number of games in January across the Pro League super month, Invitational qualifiers and the Challenger League qualifiers the organisers of CCS announced in December that they’d be postponing their January matches and delaying Season 4 of their league to accommodate the tight schedule - we now have the up to date schedule which sees action kick off on the 20th of February in NA and the 4th of March in EU. 

As with Season 3 and the old Season 4 schedule, the European games will be played on Mondays and Wednesdays at 7pm CET while the North American games will be played on Wednesday and Friday evenings from 8pm EST. There will be five weeks of this action covering the last week of February and the entirety of March with the final playday on March 29th, seven weeks after it was originally scheduled for. The full schedule of all the games can be found here.

With a total of four Pro League teams and a number of Challenger League teams participating in this tournament, there are a number of high-tier matchups with these being the must-watch games of the rest of the Season:

  • February 20th, 10pm - Polar Ace vs Rise Nation
  • March 13th, 8pm - Polar Ace vs Orgless (ex-Noble Esports)
  • March 18th, 9pm - Supremacy vs Team Empire
  • March 22nd, 10pm - Team Reciprocity vs Rise Nation
  • March 27th, 9pm - Team Empire vs XTreme Video Esports
  • March 27th, 8pm - Team Reciprocity vs Orgless (ex-Noble Esports)

The total prizepool for these two tournaments is $10,000 for each region meaning this is well worth playing for and is an excellent chance for many of these teams to get their very first title in R6.

Following these scheduled league matches the top four teams will advance to a playoff stage on an unconfirmed later date where a simple single-elimination bracket will determine the CCS Season 4 Champions in each region.

The standings so far following 2 NA and 3 EU playdays.



You can watch these matches live on the ccsesports Twitch account or keep track of the results here at SiegeGG!