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DreamHack Winter Day 3: G2 Continues Reign, PENTA Qualifies for Six Invitational

Dive in and discover what happened on the final day of DreamHack Winter, live from Elmia in Jönköping, Sweden!

The last DreamHack before Invitationals presents a unique opportunity alongside a $50,000 prize pool. Not only will the winner receive a well-reimbursed payout, but a spot at the Six Invitational 2019. Participants travel from near and far- from Sweden’s very own Best Player In The World to the North American representatives in Spacestation Gaming, a stacked lineup of teams from across the global competitive scene would prove to be a monolithic hurdle to leap for a spot in Montreal.

This is your roundup for the final day of events at DreamHack Winter, live from Elmia in Jönköping, Sweden.


Semi-Final 1: G2 Esports 2 - 0 Team Empire

Maps: Villa (7-1), Consulate (7-3), Clubhouse (Not played)

G2: Fabian, Goga, Pengu, Joonas, Kantoraketti

Empire: Scyther, ShepparD, JoyStiCK, karzheka, Shockwave

We begin today’s series of games with a long-awaited matchup with G2 and Team Empire. After Empire’s sweep through Challenger League and continued show of dominance in formats like CCS and even the ESL Euro Cup, fans and players alike have been curious about the outcome of both teams squaring off against one another. With still just about a week before Pro League Season 9 begins, we are treated to a preview of these two teams fighting it out, with no condition for draws anywhere near.

Map One: Villa

After picking up the hint of JoyStiCK’s incredible skill on Ash, G2 make sure they take every precaution to deny any chance of Empire within comfort picks. G2 start the game off in an absolute clinic against Empire, using a very solidified lineup (that we would later see as well in the grand finals) including picks like Montagne and Finka. G2 would clean up the first half, going for massive frags and the payoff being a 5-1 lead. The role swap, and another win from G2 would put them in map point, which would follow by another round in G2’s favor. Making light work of Empire, G2 cordon off their territory as the titans they are.

Map Two: Consulate

Empire look for a win on the second map, but the early first half would say otherwise with an early 3-1 lead for G2. The Russians pick up the pace, equalizing the game in a 3-3 by the end of the first half, sending Empire to their first round on defense. The draw wouldn’t be indicative of the outcome, as G2 followed up with an immense four-round streak to end the dreams of Empire, closing out the map with a 7-3 scoreline. Overall, massive plays from both Kanto and Pengu across the maps and very telling results of the effects of both Ash bans proved to be too much for Empire to overcome.


Semi-Final 2: PENTA Sports 2 - 1 Spacestation Gaming

Maps: Coastline (7-4), Clubhouse (5-7), Consulate (7-4)

SSG: Redeemer, Bosco, Rampy, Chala, ThinkingNade

PENTA: ENEMY, Panix, Hungry, RevaN, SirBoss

Both teams have been taking down teams in a dominating fashion all weekend, now on the line is a position at the Six Invitationals. Spacestation came off of a weekend of nothing but victories- beating underdog favorites Minigolfgutta 14-0 followed by a 2-1 victory against LeStream Esport, and then another 2-0 sweep against EU second place team Mock-It Esports. PENTA come off a weekend of two definitive victories over NYYRIKKI, and a 2-0 win over home soil team Chaos.

Map One: Coastline

The first half starts off in a very back-and-forth manner, both teams picking off wins with PENTA playing a very aggressive lurk game, notably RevaN on Pulse. Both teams end up drawing the scoreline by the first half, with the round swap coming off and sending Spacestation to the defense. PENTA picked up on yesterday’s success from the North Americans, sending Redeemer away with a ban on Maestro. Spacestation took a disjointed defense on billiards twice in a row, giving PENTA two wins in a row to put them up 5-4. Another win for the Europeans put them at map point after a very patient and rushed plant play on round ten that widened the holes in Spacestation’s defense. But, it would be round eleven to set them up with a 7-4 victory for the first map for PENTA Sports.

Map Two: Clubhouse

Coming off a 2-0 win on Mock-It yesterday, one of the two 7-2s came courtesy of Spacestation on Clubhouse. This had been another map that they won consistently, with a 4-1 W/L scoreline across the past three months on the map. A back-and-forth dance across the entire first half, with PENTA notably going for very late, chaotic pushes. Through the first half, the draw game continues with patterns of one win for one team, one for the other- both teams making good plays and winning necessary fights. After SSG find their footing in the late game, PENTA lost three rounds in a row to put Spacestation up on map point 6-4. Another disjointed attack and waste of time on PENTA’s anchoring in Cash Room when on a Master/Gym objective gives PENTA round eleven. Finally, round twelve would go to a Spacestation win, closing out the game 7-5 for a decider map.

Map Three: Consulate

Straight off the bat, Spacestation looks weak as PENTA pick up five easy wins in a row for the first half. Disjointed attack pushes and misplays across the board to punish the North Americans, down with a very difficult deficit to clear. Spacestation grabs their first win on the final round of the first half, with ThinkingNade clutching a massive 1v1 against Hungry to send the game into the second half. Another two rounds coming from Spacestation, but PENTA lock the game on match point on a 6-3 lead. Spacestation grabbed round ten, but PENTA and an incredible 4k from RevaN are ultimately able to win with a 7-4. The Europeans will now be the third European team to qualify for the Six Invitationals in February- with one more EU team pending from the upcoming online qualifiers.


Grand Final: G2 Esports 2 - 1 PENTA Sports

Maps: Villa (7-3), Border (5-7), Clubhouse (7-5)

G2: Fabian, Pengu, Goga, Joonas, Kantoraketti

PENTA: ENEMY, Panix, Hungry, RevaN, SirBoss

G2 came off of their usual dominating-esque performance at LAN, nearly losing to Team Liquid in the quarter-finals yesterday but absolutely slaughtering Team Empire across the leaderboards to send the nitrous-fueled Russians back down to the third-place match. PENTA come off an absolutely pummelling play between Chaos and Spacestation, now facing off against G2 for the third time in the past three months. All members on stage would be staring down a passage of time with the members of G2 being former members of the org they’re up against.

Map One: Villa

Another surprise with seeing G2 on Villa, a map that seemingly everyone has tried taking from the Titans themselves. G2 already posting up 4-0 in the first half, with solidified picks in Finka/Blitz/Buck/Hibana. PENTA would pick up their first win on round five with a defense in Kitchen to outplay a remaining trio of Goga, Kanto, and Joonas. By the end of the first half, PENTA are down 2-4 with G2 looking for yet another overwhelming performance on Villa. G2 move on through the second half, giving only one round to PENTA on attack but G2 are able to secure three rounds to close it out on a 7-3, taking the map to move onto the second game.

Map Two: Border

G2 and PENTA face an early draw in the first half, falling to poor work on roaming . PENTA are able to turn the game into a back-and-forth battle, putting them up 4-2 at the end of the half. The second half becomes a mosh pit of activity, with smart plays from PENTA eventually putting them up at map point, 6-5. It would be a wise use of utility and prioritization on an offsite hold for ventilation to lock the game out, drawing the series for the second time at DreamHack Winter.

Map Three: Clubhouse

After a definitive victory against Chaos and a loss to Spacestation on Clubhouse, PENTA look to close out the series by starting off the pre-game with a ban on Buck to come out of nowhere. The first half finishes, putting G2 up 4-2 as PENTA starts off their first round on attack with one of these aforementioned last-minute rushes- dropping down into basement that somehow nets G2 two teamkills in the process. G2 pick up another two rounds, placing themselves in match point with a 6-3 scoreline. Round eleven G2's first attemt at a cash room defense comes down to the wire, with Kantoraketti losing a 1v1 gunfight to PENTA to halt G2’s attempt at closing out the map. PENTA grabs round eleven, but it would end on round twelve with yet another victory for the titans in G2.


Offstream Recap - Third Place Matchup

The dropouts from the semi-finals take their places for a unique matchup between Team Empire and Spacestation Gaming. SSG are able to grab the first map, Consulate, on a 7-2 scoreline. Empire fire back by winning clubhouse 7-5, but it would be a prolonged final map to give Empire the third place finish, winning Border 8-6.

That was your roundup for the final day of action at DreamHack Winter, congratulations to G2 for winning their first-ever DreamHack! PENTA will join the likes of G2, Mock-It, FaZe Clan, Immortals, Evil Geniuses, Rogue, and Cloud9 at February's Six Invitational Stay tuned for your usual coverage of Rainbow Six Esports courtesy of SiegeGG!

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