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The Unofficial Siege World Championship - Second Edition

Modelled after a title belt system, the USWC tracks the unofficial world champions through the history of competitive Rainbow Six: Siege.

Modelled after the Unofficial Football World Championship, and using a knock-out title system similar to that used in boxing and professional wrestling, this is the second update of the USWC to track the path of the title holder throughout the history of competitive Rainbow Six: Siege.

In North America, this system is often referred to as a 'title belt', because it mimics how a fighting championship works. There, the winner keeps the belt until he loses, and then the person who beat him gets it. You can get a full rundown on the rules and Seasons 1-7 of the USWC on last season’s update right here!

  • When the title changes hands, the new winner is listed on the right-hand side.
  • In the event the previous title holder keeps the title, the team is listed on the left-hand side.

With that, let’s get into the results for Season 8 of the USWC in the infographic below! Access the full-resolution image by opening the image in a new tab, or popping over to view it over on the Stats Page.

The USWC title belt journey throughout Season 8
Fun Facts:
  • Due to paiN Gaming’s victory over NiP during week 6 of the Pro League, the title belt never travelled to the Paris Major with the then title-holders, BootKamp Gaming, keeping it in the Latin American region.
  • Fnatic was both the first APAC team to hold the title and the first to be completely swept in a title defence in USWC history - losing 0-6, 0-6 to G2 Esports in Rio.
  • BootKamp Gaming held the title for more games than any other team this season (8 out of 34)
  • Evil Geniuses’ 5-5 draw against Obey Alliance was just one round away from permanently losing the title as Obey disbanded following this matchup
  • SK Gaming (now DarkZero Gaming) lost 4 out of 5 title challenges - the most of any team. They beat Team Secret at DreamHack Montreal but then lost the title to Rogue a few hours later before losing title challenges against Mouz and Cloud9 in Pro League.
  • Despite starting the season with the USWC title, finishing as the top seed in LATAM, and winning the BR6 and OGA Pit Season 2 tournaments, FaZe Clan only held the title for a single game the entire season before losing it.

And there we have it -- after three months of the title being locked in the Latin American region, and a unusual domination of the belt by BootKamp Gaming, their loss to Team Secret and the eventual tournament victory by Cloud9 took it to North America. Here it bounced around a few teams before the “NA Titans” of Evil Geniuses lost it to Fnatic in a huge upset. Finally, G2 Esports -- the all-time USWC record title holder -- regained the title and defended it from the Season 7 USWC title holders, FaZe Clan, to take it back home to its most common resting place, Europe.

G2 Esports will now take this title to DreamHack Winter this weekend, CCS on Wednesday, and then, on Thursday, back into Pro League as they aim to defend their Pro League and USWC titles against Mock-it Esports. You can watch the Pro League and DreamHack coverage on the usual rainbow6 Twitch channel with CCS coverage on the ccsesports Twitch channel.

We hope you enjoyed our pre-Season 9 tracking of the USWC, and we will be back with another update right before Season 10 begins!