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New Operators ‘Nomad’ and ‘Kaid’ Fully Revealed

At the Pro League Finals today, we got a full look at the new operators that will be introduced in the next in-game season, Operation Wind Bastion.

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We begin with the new attacking operator Nomad, a two speed two armour operator who specializes in moving the enemy around. With her Airjab launcher, she can set proximity mines that blowback defenders that get too close. It can be utilized as either a defensive trap, watching flank, or can be used offensively to push dug in defenders out of position. The Airjab launcher is so strong in fact, it can push defenders all the way through soft walls.

With two assault rifles in the ARX200 and the AK-74M, as well as an ACOG sight equipped .44 Mag Semi-Auto sidearm, she will pack quite a punch for any attacking squad, and with the possibility to run either breaching charges or stun grenades, her utility, guns, and gadget will make her a very strong pick for the attackers.

The other operator, a defender and Nomad’s o-n mentor, is Kaid. A one-speed three-armour operator, his special gadget is his Rtila electro claws, which are a thrown gadget that electrifies all deployable shields, barbed wire, and reinforcements within its range. It being a thrown gadget, this allows the defenders to now electrify ceiling hatches from below, adding a new dynamic to defences.

Kaid will be able to help the defence not only with his utility, but also his weapons, as he not only has access to the same secondary as Nomad, but is also equipped with the AUG A3 submachine gun and the TCSG12 Semi-Automatic shotgun, which is ACOG compatible.

These two new operators will no doubt have an effect on the Pro League. Nomad, with her solid weapons and versatile gadget, will be a good pick up for pro teams on certain attacks, as well as a great post plant operator. Kaid, on the other hand, will likely become a staple of basement defences, as his ability to electrify hatches is no doubt very useful when defending downstairs on maps such as Bank, Oregon, Clubhouse, and Consulate. Ultimately, these two new ops will undoubtedly change the meta, whether for good or bad is yet to be seen.

You can watch the Ubisoft reveal of the operators below!