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Season 8 Finals - Staff Predictions

We asked our wonderful staff here at SiegeGG for their predictions for this weekend’s finals and found some interesting results.

With the LAN Finals of Season 8 being played this weekend, the staff here at SiegeGG couldn’t be more excited to watch all the action and thought we’d get everyone thoughts on how the tournament will go down.

We polled our staff to see everyone’s initial quarter-final and grand-final predictions and found a mixture of close and decisive results:

The Season 8 Finals predictions made by some of our staff as of last Monday.

While only listing a portion of our staff we can draw quite a lot out of this:

Each team’s predicted percentage of winning when aggregating all of the staff predictions.

While G2 and Evil Geniuses are the clear favourites two people have predicted the underdogs in each matchup. Most notable is the OGA and Challenger League caster of Sternab - a guest writer for SiegeGG - who has predicted Immortals to defeat the reigning World Champions of G2 in the very first round, one of the biggest upsets in Siege history should it occur.

The first two games, however, are much more interesting with a number of people, including the whole graphics department, believing Mock-it Esports have what it takes to defeat FaZe Clan in front of a home crowd. As well as this, there's also a very close competition between Rogue and Nora-Rengo - a repeat of the Season 7 quarter-final matchup - with a 7% swing making up the difference. These two teams were neck and neck at 50% each till the beginning of the week when the possibility of visa problems for Nora-Rengo likely led to the swing in Rogue’s direction.

As for potential victors, there are two key favourites, as there has been for every major tournament this year - G2 Esports and Evil Geniuses. However, while these two teams do make-up 4/5ths of the vote, there are a few outside choices such as Fnatic with one lone vote from our podcast host, Shevla (who also predicted Fnatic to win at the Six Major), and Mock-it from another member of the video staff - Dylan (aka. SiegeTV).

SiegeGG’s predicted Season 8 winner count.

Finally, there’s the choice of Season 8 runners-up which has a runaway winner of FaZe Clan who many people believe will, just as Black Dragon’s did in Season 6, fall in the grand final in front of a home crowd.

SiegeGG’s predicted Season 8 runner-up count.

You can watch the action and see if any of us were correct in our predictions from tomorrow at 11:00GMT-2 onwards when the quarter-finals kick off on the usual rainbow6 Twitch account.

This weekend's schedule