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Bosco Boards the Spacestation

In the first of possibly many moves to come, Spacestation Gaming has signed Dylan “Bosco” Bosco in place of Bryan “Bryan” Agema.

Wasting no time after the end of the season, Spacestation Gaming (SSG) has become an even stronger LAN contender than before by acquiring Bosco. Their new man is arguably a top 10 player in North America, but ended Season 8 by unfortunately getting auto-relegated with the rest of the Obey roster.

This move also makes it possible for SSG to play the US Nationals (USN) with a full roster now that Bosco has replaced Bryan. On his side, Bryan unfortunately finds himself looking for a team just half a season after he had left Rogue following the Six Major Paris, though Cloud9 may be interested after having dropped LaXInG.

Bosco first shined on the big stage with eRa Eternity in the 2018 Invitational Qualifiers, where he was a key part in getting the team to Montreal. That team would eventually turn into the Obey Alliance roster that played together for all of Season 8. Obey also qualified to the Paris Major with an exceptional performance in the qualifiers, in which they outplayed teams like mousesports, SK Gaming, and SSG to earn the trip to the French capital.

Bosco with Obey at the Six Major Paris

Bosco would lead Obey to the Quarter Finals of the Paris Major after beating Team Liquid and NORA-Rengo in the group stages, but his side would end up losing against Rogue in a match that went the maximum distance possible on two maps, and arguably came down to the overtime coinflip.

Spacestation, on the other hand, had a really strong season with a fourth place finish. This is despite the fact that the team started the season with two new different players (Rampy and Shuttle) and, in the Paris transfer window, the team traded Shuttle to Rogue for Bryan.

Dylan had this to say about the roster move: 

I fit the role perfectly for what SSG was looking for, scrimmed with them a couple times and meshed really well with everyone. Just felt like the right move and I'm very excited to see where we will be down the road after grinding for some time

SSG will now look to take the USN title and qualify for their first LAN ever with the following roster: 

 Taylor “Redeemer” Mayeur  

 Javier “ThinkingNade” Escamilla

 Brady “Chala” Davenport

 Nathanial “Rampy” Duvall

 Dylan “Bosco” Bosco

 Justin “Lycan” Woods (Coach)

The teams first performance together will be during the US Nationals LAN in Las Vegas, Nevada From December 15th to the 16th.

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