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6Cup 2018: Everything You Need to Know!

The French 6Cup returns this weekend for the Paris Games Week.

The 6Cup is an annual tournament comprising of eight teams which takes place every year at the Paris Games Week. Millenium are the current champions of the tournament winning the 2017 6Cup without losing a single map against Vitality, Lucky7 and BeGenius. The prize pool for the tournament stands at €20,000 with all teams which proceed to the semi-finals receiving a cash prize, and the winner taking home half of the overall prize pool.

Who is Competing?

The current Season 8 French teams of Millenium, Vitality, Supremacy and Penta will see themselves invited to the tournament, all of which took part in the 2017 cup. The qualified teams are made up of Mock-it Academy, Reflex esports, 3DMAX, and Deus Esport. With the recent showing in Pro League, the last French tournament of Coupe de France and more tournaments open to play in this year, the games really could go in any direction.


Roster: Renshiro, Liven, Hicks, risze, Aceez and Crapelle

The current champions of 6Cup, Millenium, are the strongest team at the tournament. As of writing this they currently are the highest of all the French teams in the EU Pro League standing, beating Supremacy and Vitality, whilst drawing with Penta this half of Season 8. Luckily for Millenium their biggest competitors, Penta and Vitality, are on the other side of the bracket, meaning they won’t see them until the grand finals, if at all. The team has changed since last year’s games, with them no longer having Joghurtzz, Stizze or Aherys on the roster, and, with the addition of Aceez, the team has switched their comms to English, something that could be to their detriment.


Roster: BadTrak, PrimaL, Nib0rt, Undead and Quaal

3DMAX are a Challenger League team that made it to the 6Cup through the second online qualifier in second place, behind Deus. In Challenger League they’ve finished in 5th, a commendable result, but not enough to keep them from relegation.


Roster: AnThraX, KSiiX, DjuZ, Tactiss and Alive

Supremacy is currently a Pro League team, but has already solidified its relegation into Challenger League. Supremacy beat Ence to make it into the Pro League back in Season 7, but since then has had a very poor performance, going 12 weeks without a win. Supremacy will be hungry to prove themselves at this tournament before going back to Challenger League.

Reflex Esports Club

Roster: Aherys, rxwd, sNKy, Alphama and Blaz

Reflex is a newly formed team of ex-Pro League players coming from a number of different teams. Rxwd and Aherys played together on Team Oplon during Season 7, whilst sNKy and Blaz were on Mock-it Academy during the Coupe de France earlier this year. Finally, Alphama and Aherys were on Supremacy earlier this season but left in order to play in the 6Cup. This shows this team has a huge amount of talent coming into the event and so could very well upset some of the larger teams.  

PENTA Sports

Roster: Panix, ENEMY, RevaN, Hungry and SirBoss

Whilst not the current 6Cup champions, PENTA are the champions of the most recent French tournament, the Coupe de France. During this tournament, they knocked out Mock-it Academy, Millenium, and Vitality all of whom are participating in this 6cup, although it is sensible to keep in mind that all of these teams have had roster changes since then. As of writing this Penta are 5th in Season 8 of Pro League, but have constantly improved as the season went on. They also played in the Euro Cup recently, finishing 3rd behind Team Empire and Giants Gaming.

Deus Esport

Roster: SETzz, Kopp, NoerA, Kravis and AvenQo

Deus is a fairly unknown team in the current scene, although they played in the Coupe de France under the name EnerGiz with a new addition to the roster of SETzz who played with Mock-it Academy. The team made it into the tournament through the qualifiers. In the first qualifiers they were knocked out by Mock-it academy by only one round, whilst in the second qualifier they lost just one map which was to 3DMAX who they ended up beating.

Team Vitality

Roster: Zephir, RaFale, Spark, BriD and aPPROX

Vitality has had a difficult year so far, they were the knocked out of the playoffs in the quarter finals of the 2018 Invitationals, narrowly missed their chance to make the Season 7 Finals, could only make 2nd in the Coupe de France, were knocked out by Secret during the Paris Major quarter-finals in front of a home crowd and will have to fight for their place in Pro League at the end of season 8. This tournament will give Vitality a chance to prove themselves in the French scene and show they’re not finished just yet. It will also give a chance for the new member aPPROX to have a chance to work with the team at LAN and work on their team synergy.

Mock-it Academy

Roster: Krunch, Mootii, Easy, Darkwin and P4

The final team of the tournament is Mock-it Academy, which made it through the first qualifiers behind Reflex. In the qualifiers, they defeated Deathrow, 3DMAX and Deus meaning this team will be one to keep an eye on throughout the tournament. Krunch and Mootii were on the roster during the Coupe De France where they performed better than expected, taking a map against Vitality and Mock-it with both players performing well.

When are the Games?

The quarter finals will start on 27th October set to go live at 08:45 CEST, the semi finals are then set to start at 07:45 CET. It’s important to note that there is a clock change on the 28th for Europe so for viewers outside of Europe the games will start at the same time on both days.

Where Can You watch the Games?

The games will be streamed in French on the Rainbow6FR Twitch channel and the RainbowSixFrance YouTube account. The event will be hosted by Frédéric “FredZolf” Zolfanelli and cast by Guillaume “Scok” Beck, Sébastien “FuriouSG” Guérineau and Benjamin “Sixquatre” Leray.

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