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BeNeLux Season 2: Week 5

Catch up on what happened in Week 5 of BeNeLux Season 2.

Game 1: Demise 2-0 DiversityGG

DiversityGG was unable to field a complete roster for the game and so forfeited the game. Demise therefore gains an automatic 6-0, 6-0 victory to keep their undefeated run intact.

Game 2: Trust 2-0 Flash Point

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Maps: Clubhouse (6-3), Oregon (6-4), Border (not played)

Trust Gaming: Anthony, Avaiche, Deapek, Leonski and Quadzy

Flash Point: Dark, Deox, Scorpz, Sejinex and TigerB

Trust continue their top performance, with this win essentially concreting their position to LAN as they only need to face DiversityGG next week, who are in the 8th position with no wins. Many people expected Flash Point to put up a closer fight, they did manage to capitalise on the mistakes that Trust made, however Flash Point never pressured them to make mistakes more often. Quadzy had a disappointing game this week comparing it to week 4 where he single handedly won multiple rounds. The first map played was Clubhouse, on which Trust banned Lion and Mira, while Flash Point banned Montagne and Jager. On the second map of Oregon, Trust once again banned Lion and Mira, while Flash Point banned Glaz and Maestro.

Game 3: MnM Gaming 2-0 Auxilium

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Maps: Clubhouse (6-3), Border (6-3), Oregon (not played)

Auxilium: Kwekko, Kroap, Aizy, Flamy and Anthox

MnM Gaming: Craxan, Fippsi, imEdd, Kabouter and SoulSeekeR

Looking at the standings before the games begun, this game should’ve been a close one with both teams having 1 win and 3 loses. However if you’ve been watching the games it’s not a giant surprise as both teams had only beaten DiversityGG who sits in last place with MnM winning 2-0 and Auxilium winning 2-1. Both of these teams hold a lot of potential, however consistency is the key and this week we saw that hurt Auxilium whereas MnM were mostly on the ball. The first map was Clubhouse once again, we saw MnM ban Maverick and Pulse, while Auxilium banned Ying and Mira. On the second map of Border, MnM banned Glaz and Mira, while Auxilium banned Ying and Clash.

Game 4: OG Squad 2-1 Cryptik

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Maps: Oregon (2-6), Bank (6-3), Border (4-6)

OG Squad: NXRO, Fantomia, Dawiid, Dildosor and Roby

Cryptick Gaming: Dopey, Daankey, MortaR, Rhino and TerroR

In this match we saw the first 2-1 of the day. OG Squad were the favoured team to win going into the match, but this was proven to be a tough battle straight away by Cryptik with them dominiating Oregon. However OG squad really bought their A-game once they got on to Bank and Border. Badger and NXRO both really pulled through for their respective teams. For the second time tonight  we saw Oregon, on this map OG Squad banned Lion and Maestro, whilst Cryptick banned Ying and Mira. On the second map of Bank, OG Squad banned Jackal and Maestro, while Cryptik banned Lion and Mira. On the final map of Border we saw OG Squad banning Ying and Maestro, whilst Cryptik banned Lion and Pulse.

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