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LATAM Day 13: NiP Push for Safety, FaZe Crush Liquid, IMT Falter

Catch up on all the action that occured during day 13 of the LATAM Pro League.

Game 1: Team oNe Esports 6-4 Black Dragons

Map: Coastline

Operator Bans: Lion, Dokkaebi, Clash, Echo

In a tightly contested match, Team oNe were able to guarantee safety with a 6-4 defeat of Black Dragons. Now Black Dragons are at risk of relegation, remaining on 12 points with only one game left to play. Team oNe started on defence, winning the halftime split 3-2. Team oNe look full advantage of Glaz and Blackbeard during their attacks, achieving lots of success with them. A strong performance with 11 kills by LEVBXD from Black Dragons was not enough to save his team, as three members of Team oNe hit 10 kills, Panico, hugzord, and ion.


Game 2: Ninjas in Pyjamas  6-2 paiN Gaming

Map: Clubhouse

Operator Bans: Lion, Ying, Echo, Clash

Ninjas in Pyjamas dominated their defence rounds, taking a 4-1 lead going into the second half. PaiN started well on defense, winning their first round, but then NiP took control once again, winning two straight to defeat paiN 6-2. PaiN Gaming struggled on attack, sometimes only picking up one kill per round. NiP’s first attacking round saw Psycho take Glaz, his signature operator, but he was unable to find much success. However, he switched to Ash for the next two round, picking up 5 kills to end the game with an impressive score of 1.76. NiP are now level with paiN with 15 points, and neither team looks likely to finish 8th going into the final week of play.


Game 3: FaZe Clan 6-3 Team Liquid

Map: Coastline

Operator Bans: Buck, Lion, Mira, Valkyrie

Team Liquid started out stronger than they have in recent weeks, winning their defensive half 3-2. However, this momentum was short lived, as FaZe won 4 straight defensive rounds to win 6-3. Liquid looked solid on defense, winning their engagements and locking out FaZe. However, weak performances from usual top fraggers Nesk and Bullet proved to be their downfall, as the two combined for only 5 kills. For FaZe Clan this was a meaningless match, having secured the top spot for Rio, but with the chance to possible knock out their biggest regional rivals they delivered, demolishing Liquid on defense. Team Liquid, thanks to BootKamp’s victory over Immortals, still can make Rio, needing victory in their final match against Team oNe.


Game 4: BootKamp Gaming 6-2 Immortals

Map: Coastline

Operator Bans: Blitz, Glaz, Mira, Clash

Immortals had an opportunity to clinch second place with only a draw thanks to Liquid’s earlier loss, but completely blew it and were crushed by BootKamp 6-2. BootKamp came out swinging on the attack, going into the half up 4-1. In the second half Immortals were only able to win one round, ending 6-2. BootKamp’s standout performers were MKing and Bor, each going 9-4 with a rating above 1.33. In order for Immortals to make LAN they need just one win from their final match against NiP.