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EU Pro League Final Two Weeks Preview

As the EU Pro League nears its completion, let's assess where each team could finish.

    The EU Pro League has been one of extremes, with G2 Esports obtaining the most points outside of APAC, and Supremacy picking up the least. Now it is a fight for 2nd, as it has been for some time now. Mock-it are currently in the second position, but their game against Team Secret on Thursday will likely decide who else goes to Rio. Millenium still are in the running, currently two points behind Mock-it, and one behind Secret. Penta are currently mid-table at fifth, needing just one point to avoid 7th place. Chaos have pulled themselves five points ahead of Vitality, who look poised to to play ENCE for their spot in Pro League next season. Supremacy are confirmed to be relegated after a poor season without a win.

         1. G2 Esports- 32 pts

             Highest possible finish- 1st with 38 pts

             Lowest possible finish- 1st with 32 pts

G2 Esports have dominated Europe and the world for the past year, appearing in the finals of all 3 finals this year, only losing the Season 7 Pro League Finals to Team Liquid. The roster looks poised to go all the way in another event, with the team looking as strong as ever, only dropping 4 points in the who season. Only their next match against PENTA will matter in relegation battles, with Supremacy, their final opponent, already relegated.


  1. Mock-it Esports - 21 pts

           Highest possible finish- 2nd with 27 pts

           Lowest possible finish- 4th with 21 pts

Mock-it picked up 3/5 of the OrgLess roster after PENTA obtained Mock-it’s previous roster. They have performed since being picked up, and they currently find themselves in a LAN spot. However, with tough matchups against Team Secret and Millenium ahead, it seems unlikely for them to stay in second. If they fail to win either matchup, the fallest they can fall is fourth, thanks to their 6-1 win over PENTA overcoming their earlier 6-2 defeat.


  1. Team Secret- 20 pts

          Highest possible finish- 2nd with 26 pts

          Lowest possible finish- 5th with 20 pts

Team Secret have been a resounding success story, starting the season as IDK, winning Dreamhack Valencia, semifinalist at the Paris Major, and now pushing for a spot at the Pro League Finals. Secret control their destiny, as two wins guarantee their spot in Rio. Their first matchup is against Mock-it, who currently occupy the coveted second position. Then after Mock-it, Secret play CHAOS, which should be a winnable final match for them.


  1. Millenium- 19 pts

          Highest possible finish- 2nd with 25 pts

          Lowest possible finish- 6th with 19 pts

Millenium have had a solid season, but poor results against the teams above them sees them sit in 4th place. Millenium are the last team in EU who can still finish second and qualify for the finals in Rio. In order for this to happen ideally Mock-it and Secret tie in their matchup on Thursday. Then, if Millenium beat Mock-it on the final playday they will secure a place in Rio.


  1. PENTA Sports- 15 pts

          Highest possible finish- 3rd with 21 pts

          Lowest possible finish- 7th with 15 pts

PENTA Sports picked up the old Mock-it roster after G2 bought its previous roster. While the expectations were always lower than the previous roster, which brought numerous season titles as well as an Invitational title, this PENTA roster has struggled since their move. Their only win in the second half comes against Supremacy, who have only picked up 2 points all season. PENTA are unable to finish second, and could drop to seventh. To avoid the need to play in a relegation game, PENTA need just one points from their next 2 matches against G2 and Vitality.


  1. CHAOS- 13 pts

          Highest possible finish- 4th with 19 pts

          Lowest possible finish- 7th with 13 pts

CHAOS, an all Swedish roster, struggled during the first half of the season, but have since had an impressive second half, losing only once against G2. This impressive stretch brought them out of the relegation spots, ahead of traditional powerhouse Vitality. In order to secure safety and finish 6th, CHAOS need to obtain 2 points. Therefore, even if Vitality win out, CHAOS will remain ahead due to their tiebreaker advantage. However, their final two games see them face off against Millenium and Team Secret, stout opposition making the push for second place.


  1. Team Vitality- 9 pts

          Highest possible finish- 5th with 15 pts

          Lowest possible finish- 7th with 9 pts

Team Vitality, Paris Major quarter finalists, have struggled this season, only winning 2 games, the last of which occured on the third playday, back on July 5th. This shocking fall from Vitality sees them currently in 7th, at risk of a relegation game against ENCE, a team relegated last season with a great history that includes the Season 7 Pro League Championship. Luckily for Vitality, their final two games are against the only teams they have beaten this season, Supremacy and PENTA. This, coupled with CHAOS’ difficult schedule, make it likely Vitality will be able to push for 6th place.


  1. Supremacy- 2pts

          Highest possible finish- 8th with 8 pts

          Lowest possible finish- 8th with 2 pts

Supremacy will go back down to challenger league and will likely be replaced by CL leader Team Empire. Their next game will be their best chance to get a first win, with a game against Vitality, who are above them in 7th place. Then after they play Vitality, they play G2, in a meaningless match for both teams.


Matches to Watch Out For


October 18 - Millenium vs CHAOS - 12pm CST - Can Millenium push for LAN?


October 16 - Team Secret vs Mock-it Esports - 3pm CST - Can Mock-it keep their run going?


October 25 - Team Vitality vs PENTA Sports - 12pm CST - Who finishes 7th?


October 25 - Millenium vs Mock-it - 1pm CST - Can either team finish ahead of Secret?

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