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EU Day 12: Supremacy Relegated, Fight for 2nd Place Heats Up

Find out what happened on day 12 of the European Pro League.

Game 1: G2 Esports 5-5 Mock-it Esports

Map: Clubhouse

G2: Pengu, Goga, Fabian, Joonas, Kantoraketti

Mockit: Korey, KS, ripz, Vale, BakaBryan

In a match that was expected to be incredibly one-sided in favor of G2, underdogs and current second place team Mock-it managed to force a hard earned draw. The crucial point earned keeps them in second place just above Team Secret. Second place is the goal for most of the EU teams now as their only shot at LAN this season, for the dominant G2 has already secured first place.

Game 2: Chaos 6-2 Vitality

Map: Oregon

Chaos: Redgroove, Renuilz, Sno0ken, Secretly, Kripps

Vitality: Biboo, Spark, Zephir, Brid, RaFaLe

In a critical game between two teams in danger of being relegated, Chaos proved their class, dominating the floundering Vitality six rounds to two. The loss puts Vitality four points from safety, and with only two playdays left, they’re running out of time to make a change. Chaos on the other hand, while presently safe, have two incredibly difficult games remaining against Secret and Millenium, and cannot afford to rest on their laurels.

Game 3: Team Secret 5-5 PENTA Sports

Map: Oregon

Secret: LeonGids, meepeY, Lacky, sTiZze, Elemzje

PENTA: Panix, SirBoss, RevaN, Hungry, ENEMY

Team Secret was presented with a golden opportunity to leapfrog the currently second place Mock-it in their match versus PENTA, but squandered the chance and came out with only one point. In a very back and forth match that PENTA seemed quite comfortable in, PENTA managed to earn a point that may not get them to LAN, but could be crucial in keeping them distanced from the relegation spots. Secret, while still trailing Mockit, play said team the next playday in a match that should ultimately decide which team goes to Rio.

Game 4: Millenium 6-3 Supremacy

Map: Border

Millenium: Aceez, Liven, Renshiro, Hicks, Risze

Supremacy: Tactiss, Alive, Ksiix, djuz, Anthrax

Millenium continued their hunt for second place with a convincing and dominant win over the last placed team in pro league, Supremacy. Having required a win over Millenium and other results to go their way to escape relegation, luck was not on the side of Supremacy, as this loss sealed their fate. Millenium sits two points back from second place, and with a few more wins and some lucky results, they still have a very good chance of making LAN.