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LATAM Day 12: Liquid Drops Points Again, FaZe Punches LAN Ticket

Find out what happened on day 12 of the Latin American Pro League.

Game 1: Ninjas in Pyjamas 6-3 Bootkamp Gaming

Map: Bank

NiP: Wag, Psycho, Julio, Kamikaze, Pzdd

Bootkamp: Tactum, Mking, Paluh, Bor, Dudds

In a critical match between the last and sixth place teams, NiP came out strong, winning 5 straight crucial rounds. Despite a flood of round wins from Bootkamp, NiP managed to pull themselves back together and close out the match. Their crucial victory brings them to within one point of safety from the relegation zone. And while they are still currently safe, Bootkamp are a mere point from last place, and automatic relegation.

Game 2: Team Liquid 5-5 Black Dragons

Map: Bank

Liquid: Nesk, Psk1, Bullet, Zig, Sexycake

BD: RDZ, Lev1, Sm4ll, Drunkz, Slash

In what was predicted to be a one sided matchup, underdogs BD managed to shock Liquid, who are now five straight matches without a win. RDZ put his team on his back with a dominant performance, outshining even Nesk. This draw drops Liquid to third place, despite starting this half of the season in first. Meanwhile, the draw doesn’t help BD too much either, keeping them in seventh place and still in the relegation zone.

Game 3: FaZe Clan 6-2 Team oNe

Map: Consulate

FaZe: Mav, Yoonah, Cameram4n, Astro, Muringa

oNe: Panico, GDNN1, Hugzord, Ion, IBlackz

FaZe continued their dominance of the LATAM Pro League with a convincing win over oNe, who started the week in fourth place. Spectacular all around performances propelled FaZe into yet another crucial win. This time, the win was enough to seal their appearance at LAN in Rio, as the lowest position that they could take is second. oNe meanwhile, sits in the bottom half of the standings after this loss, but despite that, sits only six points out of second place.

Game 4: Immortals 5-5 Pain Gaming

Map: Oregon

Imt: Cyb3r, Novys, Yuuk, D1OGO1, One

Pain: GCR, Revo1ts, FK1, Ninext, Spawnsss

Immortals held on to their second place position this week thanks to a very closely matched draw.Although the draw helped them escape Liquid’s striking distance, it did little to help them catch up with the dominant FaZe clan. Pain was unable to pull out a victory, despite an admirable performance by GCR, which would have greatly improved their chances of making LAN, and even pulled them even on points with Liquid.