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EU Day 11: Mock-it & Secret continue fight for 2nd, Vitality still in danger

Find out what happened on day 11 of the European Pro League.

Game 1: Millenium 5-5 PENTA Sports

Map: Coastline

Millenium: AceeZ, Liven, Hicks,risze, Renshiro

PENTA Sports: Panix, SirBoss, Hungry, Enemy, RevaN

At the start of the matchup, Millenium came out swinging, only having one death in the first 2 rounds. In said rounds it felt like Millenium was a shark, pushing the objective with power, speed and ferocity, whereas Penta were merely the fish trying to escape, not standing up to fight their predator. The issue Penta had to tackle was a majority of their team roaming, but not really denying any push or succeeding on any flanks. In round 3 this was fixed, thanks to a tighter roam game Millenium couldn't find a weak spot in the defense. After this however the rounds were tight back and forths, Millenium only losing to small, yet fatal, mistakes, such as using a low hp, 3 speed (Capitão) to plant the defuser whilst a full hp, 2 speed (Ying) watches over him and allows the Capitão to be taken out by a Maestro. Panix seems to continue his poor form after last week, this week finishing with a rating of 0.50.

Game 2: G2 6-1 Chaos

Map: Coastline

Chaos: Sno0ken, REDGROOVE, Secretly, Kripps, Renuilz

G2: Goga, Pengu, Fabian, jOONAS, Kantoraketti

This match up started with a bang as Renuilz got a spawn kill onto Fabian, and then won the first round after a double kill with a smoke grenade from Snooken. With G2 already qualifying for LAN there was speculation that they wouldn't try very hard against the rest of the competition, this first round did go towards this theory, however every round after this showed the conspiracy to be false as G2 completely shut down Chaos in the rest of the game, with Chaos struggling to win their gun fights and rarely being prepared to refrag. Chaos also had the same issue as Penta with roamers being ineffective at stopping any pushes or even wasting time. We even saw Joonas trying to plant on the billiard table but having to fall off after being tagged. Ultimately G2 lost out on furthering the G2 6-2 legacy.

Game 3: Team Secret 6-2 Supremacy

Map: Bank

Team Secret: LeonGids, Lacky, meepeY, sTiZze, Elemzje

Supremacy: AnThraX, KSiiX, DjuZ, Tactiss, Alive

An unsurprising result for this game. Secret started off, as I feared, underestimating Supremacy: they pushed in with no real organisation and lost the round because of it. However they soon picked up after this much like G2 had, completely shutting down Supremacy, with much better organisation and timing. Supremacy did take a second round due to a few mistakes by Secret but it did not result to much in the end. MeepeY finished off the game with a 4K as Maestro.

Game 4: Mock-it Esports 6-3 Team Vitality

Map: Consulate

Mock-it Esports: BakaBryan, Korey, KS, ripz, Vale

Team Vitality: Biboo, ZephiR, Spark, BriD, RaFaLe

Stated to be the closest game of the day, this game showed both the weaknesses and strengths of these teams. Mock-it started off a little clumsy, with KS missing Spark’s rotate and Baka falling off the roof, the team seemed a little bit sloppy. However due to good synergy and a good ability to read into a situation Mock-it managed to hold their own. Vitality, once a titan of EU, showed signs of its former self but still seem wounded as a team. Their sporadic site picks didn't seem to help them, even trying out the newest site of Visas/Archives, but losing the site early to an aggressive visa push. The last time these 2 teams met Mock-it (then known as OrgLess) beat Vitality 6-4, so it is interesting that we see the same exact score, especially when the final round was so incredibly close.

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