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BR6 2019 Announced

The biggest Rainbow Six Siege tournament of Brazil returns for its 3rd season!

Ubisoft Brazil´s official YouTube channel has just published the "Brasileirão Rainbow Six 2019"´s trailer, which contains crucial informations about the championship. It will follow the same format as the last one: eight teams will firstly compete in a league format. Each team will face each other twice and, after all games, the four best placed teams will go to the playoffs. The Playoffs will occur in a ladder system, that means that the 4th and 3rd place will face off, than the winner of that game will play against the 2nd place and, last but not least, the winner of this game will compete against the 1st place for the BR6 2019 title. 

FaZe Clan won BR6 2018.


The contenders are well known by the community: Team Liquid, FaZe Clan, Immortals, NiP, Team oNe, BootKamp Gaming, paiN Gaming and ReD DevilS (BR6 2nd division champions) will play for the crown of Brazil´s best team. Black Dragons was the relegated team from last season, so they will not play in this one.

Other changes were also announced: the arena where the games were played has changed and the prize pool had recieved a huge upgrade.

Prize pool:

4th Place - R$20,000 (U$5,000)

3rd Place - R$50,000 (U$12,500)

2nd Place - R$80,000 (U$20,000)

1st Place - R$200,000 (U$50,000)

BR6 2019 starts this Sunday, September 30th, and all games will be broadcasted at the official Rainbow6BR Twitch and YouTube channel from an estimated timing of 18:00 BRT (GMT-3).

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