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NA Day 10: C9 and SSG Surprise, Noble Underperforms

Catch up on what happened during the North American Pro League Play Day #10.

Game 1: Noble 0-6 Evil Geniuses

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Map: Club House

Noble: Yeti, Heavy, Breezy, Acid, Krazy

Evil Geniuses: Canadian, geoo, nvK, Yung, Necrox

In a dominant showing led by Geo, EG cunched a struggling Noble, by six rounds to zero. Not only did EG come out strong and dominate the round count, but dominated statistically, with Geo’s 12 K/D contrasting with the fact that nobody on noble survived a single round. The solid result for EG flung them straight into first place, and conversely, the poor showing for Noble puts them in a very precarious position on the edge of the relegation zone.

Game 2: Mousesports 6-3 Obey Alliance

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Map: Villa

Mouz: England, Beastly, VertcL, Vandal, Hyper

Obey: Skys, MahMan, Adam, Bosco, Benji

In what was anticipated to be a close slugfest between two bottom half teams, Mouz came out on top over the clearly struggling Obey. A win would have put Obey just that much closer to safety, and would have been crucial points this late in the season, but they were unable to earn anything from the match. Mouz looked far the better team however, and looked deserving of their spot just one point off of fourth place.

Game 3: SK Gaming 4-6 Cloud9

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Map: Bank

SK: Hotancold, Mint, Pojoman, Jarvis, Nyx

Cloud9: FoxA, Goddess, Retro, Mark, LaXInG

In the most shocking result of the night, C9 came back from 3-0 down to defeat SK six to four. While the first place team losing to the last place team is undeniably shocking, this marks the third game in a row that SK have failed to win, including two draws and a loss. SK came out strong, and had momentum, but an unfortunate rehost allowed C9 to regroup and stage a miraculous four round comeback, catapulting them out of the relegation zone.

Game 4: Spacestation Gaming 6-2 Rogue

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Map: Villa

SSG: Chala, Redeemer, Thinkingnade, Bryan, Rampy

Rogue: Slashug, Easilyy, Supr, Shuttle, Ecl9pse

In a game between third and fourth, neither Rogue or SSG could afford to lose points in this crucial match. However, with LAN implications a very real possibility, SSG showed up and dominated their rivals in a six to two victory that was propelled by great team play, and uplifted by a beautiful 4v1 clutch by Redeemer. The victory for SSG puts them equal on points with second place SK Gaming, certainly an enviable position, whereas the poor showing places them a mere one point away from the bottom half of the table, a far cry from the second place position they once held.