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EU Day 9: G2 Dominates Again, Vitality Hangs On

Catch up on what happened during the European Pro League Play Day #9.

Game 1: G2 6 - 2 Millenium

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Map: Coastline

G2: Pengu, Fabian, Kanto, Joonas and Goga

Millenium: Risze, Liven, Hicks, AceeZ and Renshiro

G2 extended their first place lead by confidently beating Millenium, who now find themselves down from third place to fifth. Despite Joonas not being very effective on Clash, and having the numerical advantage multiple times, Millenium was unable to capitalize on that lead. Thanks to a strong performance by Pengu (including a 4k) and Fabian, G2 won the match in another “G2 = 6-2”.

Statistics for the G2 vs Millenium game
SiegeGG statistics for the G2 vs Millenium game



Game 2: Mock-it 6 - 2 Supremacy

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Map: Coastline

Mock-It: KS, Ripz, Vale, BakaBryan, Korey

Supremacy: Djuz, Anthrax, Tactiss, Ksiix and Alphama

Supremacy, fighting to climb out of the auto-relegation spot, did not manage to find their first victory, even against a Mock-it roster with two relatively new players. Mock-it underestimated Supremacy on the first round of the match, but the French roster was unable to repeat this as they seemed to lose most of their gunfights, notably against Korey who ended the match with a whopping 15 kills and a 2.14 SiegeGG rating!

Statistics for the Mockit vs Supremacy game
SiegeGG statistics for the Mock-it vs Supremacy game



Game 3: Chaos 5 - 5 Penta

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Map: Bank

Chaos: Redgroove, Snooken, Kripps, Secretly and Renuilz

Penta: Panix, Hungry, SirBoss, Enemy and Revan

Chaos keeps up their hopes of escaping the relegation zone by securing 1 point against an unconvincing Penta roster. Chaos was leading four rounds to none before Penta clawed back to 4-4, with the match ending on a 1v1 narrowly lost by RedGroove.

Statistics for the Chaos vs Penta game
SiegeGG statistics for the Chaos vs Penta game



Game 4: Team Secret 5 - 5 Vitality

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Map: Club House

Team Secret: MeepeY, Lackey, Stizze, Elemzje and LeonGids

Vitality: Rafale, Biboo, Zephyr, BriD and Spark

In a rematch of the Paris Major quarter-final where they had lost 6-2, 6-1, 6th-place Vitality this time fared much better against second-placed Team Secret. In what proved to be a very defence-sided match (only two defence round wins), Vitality stays two points above the relegation zone, while Team Secret’s second place lead is itself reduced to two points.

Statistics for the Team Secret vs Vitality game
SiegeGG statistics for the Team Secret vs Vitality game


These are the standings in Europe after 9 playdays:

EU Pro League standings after 9th Playday

Be sure to catch Day 10 of European Pro League on the official Twitch and YouTube channels on Thursday, September 27th at 1 pm EDT/7 pm CEST/2 pm BRT. To see all the upcoming games schedules, go to our Matches page, and check out completed games stats by clicking on the individual games.